When Is It Time to Say Goodbye? Love and Depression

Depression Therapy in Columbus, OHRegardless of how many wonderful years you have shared with your partner, depression can erode even the best relationship. In our previous post we discussed the ways that depression can affect your relationship. What do you do when your partner doesn't seek help for their depression or is just not getting better? If you or a loved one needs depression therapy in Columbus, OH, call Legacy Freedom!

Many partners cringe at the idea of leaving when their partner needs them most, but staying in a relationship as a result of personal guilt or a sense of obligation is not fair to yourself or your partner. Your mental health and happiness need to be considered as well. Before you decide to end things with your partner, consider taking these steps to see if your relationship can be salvaged.

Be realistic. Living and loving someone who struggles with depression is an ebb and flow of good days and bad days. If your partner's depression has led to an addiction to drugs or alcohol, leaving may be your only choice. Considering the well-being of yourself and any children that are involved is also crucial. Be realistic about the practical implications of leaving an established relationship.

Talk to someone. Discuss your feelings with trusted friends and family members. Asking for their support and advice can help you remember that your feelings and needs are important, too.

Give yourself a deadline. Making a big decision like this takes time. Setting a deadline for yourself helps you actively think about and consider all the implications of walking away from a relationship. Giving yourself a deadline also helps you decide what actions your loved one needs to take during that time. If they fail to stick to a counseling schedule, refuse to follow the guidance from their therapist, or seek no treatment at all, you may find that you are more comfortable with walking away from this relationship.

Get counseling together. Despite your partner's depression, you may wish to continue the relationship. If possible consider attending couples counseling together. Both of you have needs that are important. Often a third party can help you identify ways to ensure that those needs are being met and help you heal your relationship so that it may continue.

Depressed partners may threaten suicide if you leave. This threat should not force you to stay in the relationship if you have decided to leave. However, the threat of suicide should be taken seriously, and you should actively seek professional help for them by:

  • Calling 911
  • Removing any weapons or medications that may cause harm.
  • Staying with them until help arrives.
  • Remain calm and listen. Avoid the need to yell, argue or threaten the person.

Affordable Depression Therapy in Columbus, OH

Legacy Freedom knows that loving someone who is depressed can affect your own mental health. If you or someone you love have been involved in a relationship with a depressed partner your mental health may have suffered. Former partners of depressed individuals may experience their own form of depression after the breakup or develop anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. Caring for your mental health is crucial to being able to live a productive life and leave a bad relationship in the past.

Our holistic approach to depression therapy in Columbus, OH allows you to get to the root of your mental health issue through traditional talk therapy while using alternative therapies to learn new coping mechanisms, how to set appropriate boundaries, and how to overcome the trauma you experienced during your relationship.

Learn more about our holistic approach to mental health on our blog. The help you need to heal is just a call or click away at Legacy Freedom of Columbus.



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