The Dangers of Binge Drinking For All Ages

alcohol rehab charlotte ncBinge drinking is a problem that many people associate with teens and young adults. However, new study show that binge drinking is an issue among many people of all ages. Believe it or not, almost 40,000,000 adults in the United States binge drink at least once a week.

Studies show that not all binge drinkers are dependent on alcohol. However, alcohol rehab in Charlotte NC can be beneficial to help those who binge drink better understand why they feel the need to drink excessively. They'll learn to cope with stress and deal with problems that lead to binge drinking.

Binge Drinking | Alcohol Rehab in Charlotte NC

Binge drinking consists of having eight or more beverages over a short amount of time. Because the alcohol is consumed quickly and in large amounts, been stringing is dangerous. Drinking too much all at once can cause car crashes, violence, risk of getting hurt more easily, death and suicide.

Each year, binge drinking is responsible for around 80,000 deaths in the United States. Into thousand six study showed that binge drinking cost the economy more than $200 billion.

There are several reasons why people choose to binge drink. Below, you will find the most common ones.

Reasons for Binge Drinking | Alcohol Rehab Charlotte NC

Teens and young adults usually been to drink when they feel compelled to rebel against their parents or guardians. They want to resist normal teenager or young adult responsibilities and find independence through sets of drinking. They're looking for a way to be different and do so by binge drinking.

Unfortunately, competing to see who drinks the most in a social setting ends up causing more binge drinking then realized. Because people try to test their tolerance with drinking games, the end of consuming large, dangerous amounts of alcohol before anyone realizes.

For those who are stressed and have issues at home or work, binge drinking is common. People set up to have one or two drinks to blow off steam but end up having way too many. These underlying problems are a direct cause of binge drinking.

Partying all night and drinking seems to be the best way to have fun. Unfortunately, social events that have alcohol tend to lead people to drink all night. They end up drinking excessively to the point of binge drinking.

Facts and Statistics

Below, you'll find facts and statistics about binge drinking from

  • About 2 in 3 high school students who drink alcohol report binge drinking during the past month.
  • Binge drinkers usually become impaired.
  • Binge drinking can harm the individual, family, and community in many ways.
  • Binge drinking happens more than 4 million times a day in the US among adults.
  • Binge drinking increases the chances of car crashes, violence against others, spread of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), unplanned pregnancy, sudden death syndrome (SIDS), and babies born with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.
  • Binge drinking is a major public health problem.
  • Binge drinking is common across all ages.
  • Binge drinking is most common among men, adults in the 18-34 age range, and people with household incomes of $75,000 or more.
  • Most people who binge drink are not alcohol-dependent.
  • Sales information on alcohol suggests people may be drinking even more than they report.
  • The drinking behavior of adults affects the drinking behavior of youth by the example it sets.
  • The percentage of adults who binge drink has not declined for more than 15 years.
What Can Be Done To Help?

According to the CDC, states and communities are able to:

  • Grow partnerships between schools, community organizations, law enforcement, and public health agencies to reduce binge drinking.
  • Reduce alcohol marketing to youth.
  • Review interventions that are known to work to reduce binge drinking. Local leaders should consider adopting one or more interventions, choosing those that are feasible, efficient, and acceptable in their jurisdiction.

CDC states that Doctors, nurses, and other providers can:

  • Choose not to binge drink themselves.
  • Screen patients for binge drinking and use behavioral counseling to reduce problem drinking.
  • Support community efforts to reduce binge drinking.

The CDC advises individuals to:

  • Choose not to binge drink themselves and help others not to do it.
  • Choose not to drink if they are children or teens, pregnant, or may become pregnant.
  • Not drink and drive.
  • Participate in community efforts to prevent underage and binge drinking.
  • Talk with their health care providers about their drinking behavior and request counseling if they drink too much.

We hope this information helps you better understand binge drinking and how dangerous it is for all ages. Alcohol rehab in Charlotte NC can help. If you or someone you love tends to drink excessively more than 4 times a month, call now for help. Legacy Freedom is here.

Legacy Freedom | Alcohol Rehab Charlotte NC

Alcohol abuse isn’t something that can be resolved overnight. It’s a serious problem that many enter alcohol rehab in Charlotte NC for. If you or someone you know is suffering from alcohol abuse and need help, contact Legacy Freedom. Our counselors are standing by to help. No matter how bad alcohol use has become, there’s still hope for recovery. Contact us to learn more about alcohol rehab.

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