Helping Your Teenager Resist Peer Pressure This Summer

drug rehab in raleigh Peer pressure sucks. Especially as a teenager, or young person. Just think back for a moment, if you can remember that far back, to your younger years. Think back to the times your so-called friends pushed you into doing something that ultimately got you in a lot trouble. After that little exercise, I think we can all agree that peer pressure is, indeed, a very powerful force. Unfortunately, this force is mostly used to encourage bad behavior, instead of good. If you are a parent, and have kids of your own, worrying about this kind of stuff probably keeps you up at night. Don't worry too much, there are some things that you can do to help your son or daughter understand the potential dangers of engaging in risky behavior, especially when it comes to drinking, smoking, and using drugs.

Welcome to part one, in a two part series, on how to help your teenager successfully resist peer pressure today, this summer, and for the rest of their lives. Part two will cover how to recognize peer pressure situations, how to share your own values, as well as how to say "no" when their friends try to pressure them into drinking, smoking, or using drugs. Part one is going to give a basic overview of the types of peer pressure and the role it plays in your child's life.

So what is peer pressure? Peer pressure is defined as "social pressure by members of one's peer group to take a certain action, adopt certain values, or otherwise conform in order to be accepted." Again, this can be good or bad pressure, but it is mostly bad for encouraging risky behavior.

For starters, getting pressured by friends is nothing new and it is not uncommon; especially for teens and young people. Your child deals with all sorts of pressures every day. It's how they learn to fit in with their peers, and find like-minded friends. Dealing with peer pressure can help your child develop by not conforming to the standards of other people, as well as being able to go with the flow so they are not left out on a island all alone. It allows them to make decisions, and live with the consequences of those choices.

The negative forms of peer pressure are the ones that lead to dangerous behaviors. These behaviors consist of experimenting with smoking, drugs, and drinking alcohol, as well as shoplifting, sexting, and even engaging in premarital sex. These are the risky situations that you should really talk to your teen about, and be aware of as a parent.

However, there are times when peer pressure is a good thing. This is when your child's friend pressures them to study more for the big test, or spend more time in the gym working on their form, or even just going out to the movies after a relationship breakup.

Show your teen the differences between negative and positive peer pressures. This will help them make better choices in life and avoid engaging in risky behavior that can carry severe consequences.

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