Can You Be Addicted to Tanning?

Alcohol Rehab in Greensboro NCDid you know that over 30 million Americans tan in salons all over the U.S. each year?

Did you know that despite the risk for developing cancer, other skin conditions and premature aging signs, people still prefer to frequently use a tanning bed because they like the look of darker skin? If you have an addiction issue, contact Legacy Freedom. We offer superior drug and alcohol rehab in Greensboro NC.

Do You Have a Tanning Addiction?

We’ve all heard the worst about tanning beds. They cause wrinkles, early signs of aging, cancer, damage our skin, melt contact lenses to the eyes and more. These rumors are scary. They make many people think twice before using one.

These artificial tanning alternatives, while supposedly better than natural UV rays for our skin, are unhealthy and dangerous. Unfortunately, all the rumors about tanning beds and the harm they can do to us are true. Even more, there’s a new study out that supports the fact that those who tan regularly and frequently experience changes in brain activity. The activity mimics patterns of drug addiction.

According to, “Scientists have suspected for some time that frequent exposure to ultraviolet radiation has the potential to become addictive, but the new research is the first to actually peer inside the brains of people as they lay in tanning beds. What the researchers found was that several parts of the brain that play a role in addiction were activated when the subjects were exposed to UV rays. The findings, which appear in the coming issue of the journal Addiction Biology, may help explain why some people continue to tan often despite awareness about risks such as skin cancer, premature aging and wrinkles.”

“What this shows is that the brain is in fact responding to UV light, and it responds in areas that are associated with reward,” said Dr. Bryon Adinoff, professor of psychiatry at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. He is also the author of this research and study. The doctor also stated that “These are areas, particularly the striatum, that we see activated when someone is administered a drug or a high-value food like sugar.”

It's important to think twice before tanning frequently this summer. You might find that it leads to addiction-like patterns. You may think you're just in it to get a nice summer glow, but in reality, you might have formed a dependency to UV radiation.

If you’re worried that tanning might cause you to form an unhealthy habit or addiction, contact Legacy Freedom. We can talk with you about the signs of addiction, what causes it and how to identify triggers.

Alternative Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Greensboro NC Begins with Legacy Freedom

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