Talking to Your Kids About Opiates

Wilmington, NC Drug RehabAs the opioid epidemic continues to sweep across the nation, parents are beginning to talk to their kids about the dangers of drugs at an earlier age. Heeding experts' advice, many parents are sitting down with their young children to have open and honest discussions about this dangerous drug. Experts urge parents not to lecture their children on drug use but offer facts and concrete examples of the consequences of drug use instead. If you need Wilmington, NC drug rehab this fall, please call Legacy Freedom for help.

Starting the conversation with your children at an early age helps ensure that they receive the message that while some medications are good for you, too much can be harmful. Beginning with preschool aged children, you can start to make this critical differentiation. Building the foundation that medicine can be both helpful and detrimental becomes the basis for an ongoing conversation that you can evolve with your child as they mature. Ask your children regularly what they know about drugs and open up the lines of communication for them to talk to you about what they have heard from friends or observed in the media.

Avoid the temptation to use scare tactics with your children. Exaggerating facts or truths to instill fear in your children can cause them to take you less seriously. Be honest about the dangers of opioid addiction but don't get too carried away. Providing frank and factual information about the risks of opioids is crucial to help instill a sense of trust and connection with your child. Your words have more meaning if you establish an open line of communication with your child rather than dictating facts and expectations to them. Kids quickly disregard information that is dictated or expectations that are presented in a "because I said so" manner.

Be prepared to honestly discuss why some people use drugs. Straightforwardly providing this information will help remove some of the allure or mystique surrounding drugs. Only talking about the negative side of drugs will leave your child wondering about the reasons that people are drawn to use. Alleviating that curiosity with a frank conversation about the reasons that people use can still be a deterrent when combined with a discussion of the negative impacts of drugs. Admit that opiates can be used to cause temporary states of euphoria or make the user feel good, but point out the harmful and damaging side effects and consequences to using drugs. Through the acknowledgment of both the positive and negative effects of drug use, you are providing your child with a complete picture of how dangerous drugs are. If your son or daughter is having addiction issues. Legacy can help. Call us today and ask about our Wilmington, NC drug rehab.

Research has revealed that addiction to drugs or alcohol is genetic. Talking with your children about their genetic predisposition to addiction, if there is one, is crucial. Help your child understand that there is a real risk that they could become addicted even if they only use opioids a few times. For some kids, having their own predisposition to a severe problem like addiction explained to them can help deter them from using altogether.

Wilmington, NC Drug RehabParents who have struggled with drug addiction should be open and honest about their past drug use. While you may not want to share all the details of your prior drug use, letting your kids know that you had a problem and sharing any negative consequences of your addiction with them can help them understand the real cost of addiction. If you plead guilty to possession charges, were arrested for dealing, or faced a combination of charges discussing those consequences with your children and showing them how those results have impacted your life can be a powerful deterrent. Parents who are in recovery can provide their children with a unique perspective on drug addiction. When coupled with the genetic predisposition to addiction, many children may make the conscious effort to steer clear of drugs in general.

Creating an open dialogue about the dangers of this highly addictive drug with your child is vital. For the third year in a row drug overdoses which resulted from opioid use was the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. Young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 are the biggest consumers of opioids according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

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