How to Survive Thanksgiving Sober

Raleigh Drug and Alcohol Treatment CenterHoliday stress is a trigger for many newly sober addicts. The truth is that the holidays are hard. The added pressure of family commitments, work parties, and even keeping up with extra social functions can wear you out or put you in the awkward position of answering tough questions. While your resolve to stay sober may be challenged during the Thanksgiving holiday with other temptations, added stress, and uncomfortable situations, relapsing and having a drink or taking a hit isn't an option. Being honest with yourself, planning ahead, and avoiding triggers can help you stay sober and enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday. If you have a loved one with an addiction problem, call a Raleigh drug and alcohol treatment center you can trust this holiday season. Call Legacy Freedom.

Bring Your Own Beverage: Avoid the temptation to open a cooler filled with beer or risk being handed a glass of wine by taking your own beverages with you to family gatherings or other Thanksgiving Day meals. Keep drinks with you to ensure that someone doesn't add a little something extra to your drink when you aren't looking. Remember that the beverages you're sipping on all day don't need to be boring. There are many great recipes available for drinks that combine seasonal flavors like cranberry and orange or mocktails that taste like the real thing but don't contain alcohol.

Avoid Common Triggers: The four most common triggers for addicts are hunger, anger, loneliness or tiredness (HALT). Avoiding these feelings can be a challenge with all of the travel, activities, and family dynamics that surround the holiday. Before you head out for a family gathering, be sure to eat a good meal. Skipping breakfast in preparation for a large lunch may seem like a good idea, but if the food is delayed you're likely to be more hungry than usual and feeling a little grouchy. Want to avoid this trigger? Offer to bring pre-meal snacks for the group to share. Cheese and crackers, fruit, dips and other light snacks can help keep you from feeling hungry and keep the kids out of the kitchen.

If you find yourself feeling angry or stressed during your holiday celebrations, have a few friends that you can reach out to for support. Sending a simple text message or making a quick phone call can help you feel less stressed or angered and help you get through the day. Loneliness is a powerful trigger. Keep yourself surrounded by sober and supportive friends and family during the holiday. Instead of spending the holiday alone, find a way to volunteer your time and give back to others. This will make you feel less lonely and help boost your mood. Stick to your regular rest schedule as much as possible or take a post-turkey nap to avoid becoming overtired. If you're about to relapse, get help at a trusted Raleigh drug and alcohol treatment center.

Fall Back on Friends: If the family dynamic gets to be too much during the holiday weekend, keep the numbers of a few close and sober friends handy. This should help if you need to vent about challenging family situations or talk about overcoming cravings. A good friend can always time a phone call for help that allows you to leave a gathering or step away to collect yourself if you need an out. Don't be afraid to have more than one person on your list to call or text. When in doubt, start a group message to get a response faster.
Be sure to give your friends a rough timeline of your plans for the holiday so that they can keep their phone nearby.

Don't Feel Obligated to Stay: Should you find that your family or the group you are gathering with is making it difficult to stay relaxed and focused on your sobriety, don't worry about needing to leave. Your sobriety is more important than feeling a little guilty about going early. Have a sober friend who is happy to call with a planned emergency give you an excuse to leave or just say you have other plans. Feeling too upset to drive? Rely on Uber, Lyft, or a friend to help you get back home safely. Forcing yourself to stay in a stressful situation is dangerous to your sobriety and well-being.

Holiday Raleigh Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

At Legacy Freedom, we know that the holidays are a challenging time for your sobriety. Relapses are frequent during this season, even for those addicts who have years of sober living under their belts. Being honest with yourself about your triggers and what you can and cannot handle this Thanksgiving is essential.

If you are struggling with your sobriety this holiday season, Legacy Freedom of Raleigh can help. Our team of expert therapists and clinicians is ready to work with you towards your sobriety. Our unique holistic approach to addiction treatment enables you to heal from your addiction, mind, body, and spirit. Each client works with a Life-Purpose coach who is dedicated to helping you unlock your passions and motivations which may have been overshadowed by your addiction. These desires become the cornerstones of your recovery process.

By combining traditional talk therapy and alternative therapies, Legacy Freedom offers you a comprehensive care plan which allows you to nurture your well-being as well as overcome your addiction. We believe that when you feel good, you make good choices. Feeling good begins with nourishing your body through proper diet with our on-staff dietician and healing the physical damage of addiction with our physical therapist.

During your one-on-one talk therapy sessions, you will discover the root of your addiction. Knowing why you choose to use and abuse drugs and alcohol is essential for overcoming your dependence on these substances to cope. Whether you use to overcome a history of abuse, to boost your self-esteem, or to self-medicate for an underlying mental health condition, your therapist will help you understand why you drink or use and how to cope with these powerful triggers without using drugs or alcohol.

With more than ten alternative treatments available at our Raleigh drug and alcohol treatment center, Legacy Freedom offers something for everyone when it comes to pushing you out of your comfort zone to learn new ways to cope or how to set positive boundaries. Yoga, tai chi, adventure therapy and inner child work are just some of the options our clients have to choose from. Together with your Life-Purpose coach and your care team you will select the therapies that meet your treatment goals and excite your curiosity.

What are you waiting for? Stop letting your addiction control your life. Call or click to connect with Legacy Freedom today! We're a top Raleigh drug and alcohol treatment center.

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