Suicide by the Numbers

Depression Therapy In Charlotte, NCAs we continue to bring awareness to suicide during the month of September, we turn our attention to the numbers that are associated with suicide. When we look at the statistics about suicide, it is important to remember that each number represents a life that ended too soon. The reality is that the mental image that most of us carry in our heads of what someone who is suicidal looks like is actually quite skewed. If you're sad, or even suicidal, call Legacy Freedom right now. We offer holistic depression therapy in Charlotte, NC. We care. We can help.

The famous front man for the band Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, hung himself in late July. After his death, his widow shared photos and videos of the late singer laughing, smiling joking with his children, friends, and family. One video, taken just days before his death, shows Bennington eating gross flavored jelly beans with his son and mugging for the camera. The powerful message shared by these images is that suicide doesn't always have a particularly sad look. It is hard to tell by just looking at someone that they are suicidal. Bennington struggled with depression, although judging from the photographs and videos you would never have known. Many people focus on what they think someone who is suicidal should look like and miss the signs that should raise the red flags. Educating yourself on how to talk about suicide, what the signs are and what resources are available to you or someone you love can help save a life.

The United States experienced its highest levels of suicide in nearly 30 years in 2016. Suicides among middle-aged women accounted for the largest increase in the nationwide study. Researchers point to the distress regarding their personal finances and concerns about their jobs as reasons for the spike in this age range. A large jump was also seen in the number of girls aged 10 to 14 who killed themselves. This rate tripled since the last survey and researchers are alarmed by this significant increase.

Every 11.9 minutes someone in the United States takes their own life. As a result, the American Association of Suicidology estimates that 147 people experience a loss each time someone takes their own life. That equates to 6.5 million people a year that experience the loss of someone they know or love due to suicide.

Talking about suicide is difficult. However, sharing the concern you have for someone you love or care about and asking them direct questions about their behaviors, feelings, and intentions is critical. If you or someone you care about is contemplating suicide, Legacy Freedom can help.

Holistic Depression Therapy in Charlotte, NC | Legacy Freedom

Our holistic approach to depression therapy in Charlotte, NC puts you at the center of your treatment plan, not your underlying mental health conditions. Together with your therapist, you will work to identify the root causes that make you feel suicidal. Connecting in group therapy allows you to seek support from your peers as you work through your feelings and mental health needs.

At Legacy Freedom of Charlotte we also rely on alternative therapies like equine therapy, inner child therapy, and EMDR to help you learn to set new boundaries, release old fears or experiences and develop a purpose-driven outlook on life. The time to seek help is now.

Call or click to connect to Legacy Freedom. Every call is confidential. We are here to help, heal and encourage. The help you need is just a phone call away.

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