How to Start a Sober Supper Club for the Holidays

Alcohol Rehab Greensboro NCThis upcoming holiday season you may be faced with lots of parties, gatherings, and events that will include alcohol. While there are some dinners and family gatherings you must attend, others are optional. Why tempt yourself with triggers? The holidays should be a time to relax, spend time with friends and family, and reflect on the past year and how far you've come in your recovery. If you need alcohol rehab Greensboro NC services this holiday, call Legacy Freedom.

Instead of attending countless parties this season where you'll be tempted with alcohol, consider starting a supper club. This will be a great way to spend time with friends and family in a sober environment. Below, you will find easy steps that can help you start your own sober supper club!

Talk to friends and family. See who would like to host a supper at their home. Let them know that it will be a sober event and that substance abuse will not be invited.

Usually, a supper club consists of a group of people that like to dine together. You can host the dinner once or twice a month at various homes within your group of friends or family. Each attendee is responsible for either an appetizer, salad, side or beverages. Typically, those hosting the event at their home will be responsible for the main course.

Because each meeting is held at a different home, it won't be overwhelming for the same host each time.

Once you have a list of hosts ready to go, go ahead and meal plan. Be sure to get a list of meal options ready so that you can help guests determine what they're responsible for cooking.

Be sure to set a menu for each meeting, as well. If the host is making a standing rib roast or lamb, it's important to let guests know so that they're able to bring sides that coordinate with the main course.

Dessert can be something that everyone participates in. Have everyone bring a small dessert of their choice. They can choose to bring their favorites, something unique, or something they remember from their childhood. Having a dessert that's different each meeting can be great fun. You may also choose to designate one person for desserts if you have a baker in the group. They probably would be happy to provide desserts.

It's important to have a cleanup plan ready so that the host isn't stuck with cleaning after the dinner. Have a couple of people doing dishes, one or two clearing the dinner table, and some people reassembling the dining room or area where the dinner was held. This makes cleanup go quickly and can also keep the host from feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Here, you'll find several other tips that can help you with your supper club.

  • Constantly remind guests that it is a sober supper club so that they won't be tempted or forget to not include alcohol.
  • It's important to communicate well during the beginning stages of your supper club organization and planning. Make sure each and every guest knows what they are responsible for. Consider getting a group email or text going so that everyone knows what they are responsible for.
  • During the holidays, you may choose to have a supper club meeting once a week. This is a great way to give yourself a sober choice for holiday events. However, give everyone the option to back out if something else is taking place that they must attend. Be sure to give their responsibilities to someone else so that they don't feel obligated to miss out on their important gathering.
  • To mix things up, consider having themed dinner nights. One night could be a taco bar, another could be a traditional Thanksgiving meal. When it comes to the taco bar, have guests bring tortillas, guacamole, sour cream, onions, queso dip, salsa and cilantro. You can provide shredded pork, chicken, and ground beef to round out the meal. For a Thanksgiving meal, the host can provide the turkey and all the fixings can be brought by guests.
  • More than likely there will be leftovers. Be sure to send to go boxes home with each guest.
  • Create recipe cards for each guest to take home so that they can enjoy the dinner again or share it with someone else.
  • Consider making homemade jam or pickles to give as gifts to those who came to the meal.

We hope these tips help you pull off an epic sober supper club this holiday season! You never know who else might be needing this type of dinner just as much as you do! Holidays are a great time for togetherness, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming for recovering addicts. Having a safe place to be happy together without the added stress of triggers is a great thing. If you've already started a club or are thinking of doing so, offer your tips and ideas for us to read in the comments! We'd love to know how yours goes!

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