How to Spot a Drug House in Your Neighborhood

Drug Rehab Columbus OHA major threat to neighborhoods across the country is a drug lab or operation moving in. No one wants to think this can happen to their neighborhood, but the facts are it can. Recently a pristine prestigious quiet neighborhood was rocked to its core when it was discovered that a teenage boy was working with a drug ring to make meth in the basement of his parents' home. This post will look at ways you can detect illegal drug activity in your neighborhood. If someone you care about needs outpatient drug rehab Columbus OH help, call Legacy Freedom. We are here to get you sober!

Hidden drug labs are often used to manufacture hard drugs such as methamphetamine, heroin, and pseudoephedrine. Some common warning signs included persistent chemical smells, suspicious run-off in nearby drains, and pool cleaning equipment around a house or premises that doesn't have a pool. There might also be excessive chemical containers, or empty containers which could have contained chemicals, fertilizer, or pills in the rubbish. Homes that are being used to manufacture drugs often contain volatile and toxic chemicals.

These buildings might have drawn curtains and windows that are shielded during the day as well as extensive security systems. There could be frequent visitors who only stay for a brief time, or people seen carrying laboratory equipment into the premises. A large amount of empty chemical fertilizer or acidic or alkaline containers lying around could also be a sign of drug manufacturer.

So, do you have a drug house in your neighborhood? To answer this there are a few things to look at in your neighborhood. The first thing for you to understand is drug houses don’t just happen in other neighborhoods. There are drug houses in all types of neighborhoods. There are four things that make a drug house:

  • Seller
  • Product
  • Location
  • Buyer

All across the country neighborhoods are finding that they have little to no control over the drug product being made. What we do know is that the drug dealers look for places where neighbors simply do not appear to know their neighbors. They are not closely knit or active. Often, they keep to themselves and will appear to be isolated. This makes the ones who do notice a problem vulnerable to threats or intimidation. These drug dealers use these types of communities because they feel they will not be suspect here. Unfortunately, many neighborhoods that consider themselves prestigious have found that drug labs are operating right under their noses. Money is ultimately what those in the drug trade are after. They are successful in starting a drug house in communities that seem to have more money. For the best 2018 drug rehab Columbus OH programs, call Legacy Freedom.

What are the warning signs of drug activity in your neighborhood? Take a good look at the following and see if any of these sound familiar:

  • Lots of people walking up to and visiting a property
  • Cars frequently pulling up and waiting for someone to come out of the house to talk them briefly
  • Gang activity
  • Graffiti
  • People frequently hanging out front
  • Criminal activity
  • Intimidating behavior

Drug Rehab Columbus OHThere are some things you can do to keep this kind of activity from getting into your neighborhood.  One of the first is to set up some sort of neighborhood watch. Many local police departments can help you with this. This is also a terrific way to get to know the people living in your neighborhood. The following tips come from other neighborhoods who had criminal drug activity going on:

  1. Tradespeople who arrived at the house with items such as large circuit boards, electrical cables, insulation batts or heavy plastic sheeting.
  2. People were observed arriving at a house at odd hours, such as very early in the morning or late at night.
  3. The smell of cannabis.
  4. Suspicious equipment included electrical transformers, lights and shades, massive quantities of plastic pots or tubs, irrigation piping and copious quantities of fertilizer.
  5. The new residents neglected their garden, did not collect their mail, and never put their garbage bins out. This can be a serious warning sign.
  6. Sophisticated hydroponic setups for large crops.
  7. Lights that switched on and off even though it appeared no one was at the house. Any kind of strange interior lighting or the constant sound of fans or water running could also be an indication of drug activity.
  8. Other telltale signs will be a lack of occupancy in the home, the occupants remain very secretive or people frequent the premises kind of in and out quickly. All of these may be signs that the house is being used for something other than a home.

Police warn that if you suspect a drug lab is operating in your neighborhood, do not approach and try to do anything on your own. It is always best to contact authorities and provide them with the information you have learned. Be aware of the cars that are in your neighborhood so that you can provide details to the authorities if necessary.

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