How Social Media Impacts Teen Drug Use

 Drug Treatment In Columbus OHNo matter how young or old you are, it seems impossible to escape interaction with some form of social media these days. Many use it to keep in touch with family and friends. We are all so busy these days it can be hard to have a face to face visit. Social media keeps us in touch with one another but it can also become too much of an influence on our teens. According to the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project survey, "95% of teens ages 12-17 use the internet. Of that percentage 81% use social media." That is a high percentage of teens using any kind of media. It has also been found that these teens are also more likely to use drugs, smoke, and drink alcohol. This is in comparison to those teens who do not use social media on a daily basis. For the best drug treatment In Columbus OH for teens, call Legacy now.

The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse reports that 90% of all teens say that by age 15 they see pictures of their friends using drugs, drinking alcohol, and passing out right on social media. No need to be at a party when it is all being played out on your phone or computer screen. Social networking today has many different forms. We have Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and, of course, Facebook. If you think this isn't a big deal consider the statistics. Thirty-three percent of teens have a Twitter account. Fifty-two percent use Instagram. Forty-0ne percent have a Snapchat account. Astonishingly enough, 71% of teens have a Facebook account.

The facts show that a teen is three times as likely to then drink alcohol and four times likelier to try marijuana just because they are exposed in this way. What is most disturbing is that because of social media these same teens find all drugs more accessible to them. This includes prescription drugs as well. Worrying about peer pressure is nothing new for parents. What has changed is that today we are seeing a lot of "digital peer pressure."

To put these statistics into even more focus, The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse also reports that "90% of American adult addicts studied report that their drinking, smoking, or drug use began before the age of 18. Research also shows that the earlier one begins abusing substances the more likelier they are to become addicted."

One of the problems with this is that 87% of parents do not feel that social media can affect their children in this way. Most see it as harmless, just a way for kids to interact with one another. It is hard for them to believe that a social media platform can influence their kids to do harmful things they are seeing. Another big issue is that although there are supposed to be restrictions in place to keep social media sites safe for teens it is not working. Many teens have advertisements that show up concerning alcohol. They are asked to "like" these pages and also invited to come to their events. Some of these will also invite them to share pictures in which they are using their brand. Did you know Legacy Freedom offers drug treatment In Columbus OH for teens as well as adults? Call now to learn more.

So what are parents to do? There are some important things you as a parent can do to minimize the things your teens see on social media. Always know who your kids are friends with. Not just in everyday life but online as well. Talk to them about those friends who might be drinking, using drugs, or other destructive behaviors. Make certain you are able to access what your teen is doing online. Keep an eye on the amount of time spent and what they are doing during that time. A good tip is to also limit the time a child can spend on things like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. This will limit the chances they will see negatives things or even messages being posted about bad behaviors.

Talk to your children about the dangers of drugs, alcohol. and tobacco. Start at an early age and reinforce this teaching throughout their teenage years. Many parents do not realize until it is to late how really important this is.

Interestingly enough social media is can be negative but also positive. As much as a teen can find out about alcohol, drugs, and other vices, information about recovery is there as well. There is actually a vast amount of info on how to get sober. Most recovery programs and addiction treatment centers have Facebook pages you can "like" and get plenty of information about. Legacy Freedom offers outpatient drug treatment In Columbus OH for teens and young adults alike. Call today to learn more.

In this modern day age of online use, social media can be a great tool to use for good. Meetings are offered in a chat room situation. There are Facebook groups and podcasts that all deal with getting free of your addiction. Not only can you get the right information you can also continue treatment and after care online as well. Let them know about the consequences of substance abuse on your mental and physical health.

Often there will be warning signs to look for that may let you know your teen is using a substance of some kind. Look for:

  • new or worsening problems at school
  • isolating themselves from family and friends
  • a marked change in appearance
  • weight loss or gain
  • needing more money for spending
  • money disappearing from your wallet

Any or all of these will point toward a problem that you will want to address with your teen immediately. Please remember your child's substance abuse issues are not a reflection on you. They need your unwavering support to get into a treatment program. They will also need lots of support throughout treatment.

The Best 2018 Drug Treatment In Columbus OH

If you feel your teen may have a substance abuse issue please do not wait to seek professional help. Professionals can help with just the right treatment program and assist you in getting all of the help you and your teen needs.

Legacy Freedom is the best choice for drug treatment In Columbus OH. We offer an opportunity for individuals and families to recover from drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and substance abuse. Legacy Freedom of Columbus is the one of the only holistic substance abuse treatment centers in Ohio. Call or click today to begin your journey to a new you!




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