Sober Games for Your Halloween Party

Columbus OH alcohol rehab centerEnjoying the Halloween season with a party is a great way to make certain everyone stays sober. If you host your own party you are in control. Not serving alcohol allows you to enjoy a great party without the temptation of alcohol. This post will offer up some great games for your party that are fun and do not include any alcohol. Most of these games require little to no special purchases. You can find most of the items you'll need laying around the house or available online for download. Let's take a closer look. If you're searching for a Columbus OH alcohol rehab center you can trust this fall and winter, call Legacy Freedom for help. We use only holistic techniques.

Sober Halloween Party Games

Most of these games are adult oriented so if children will be at the party make certain there are more age appropriate games for them as well.

  • Murder Mystery Game: It is Halloween so have your guests come dressed up as the characters in a story that involves a murder. The guests will then play out the story line and try to discover who the murderer is. This is a fun filled evening that provides mystery and excitement with no alcohol needed.
  • Halloween Jinx: This Halloween game is loads of fun and requires memory skills. When greeting your guests upon their arrival tell them certain words that they are not allowed to say. If the words are said at any point in the evening then there will be a penalty that may be fun or a bit embarrassing.  When one guest hears another use one of the words they yell "jinx!" This remembrance may get harder as the evening wears on. A prize of some kind can be offered at the end of the party to someone who makes it without using one of the words.
  • Halloween Feel Box: This is guaranteed to really gross out some of your guests and certainly provide fun squeals throughout the evening. Boxes can be filled with things like cold cooked spaghetti noodles, peeled grapes, and little smokies. Guests then put their hand in the box without peeking to see if they can guess what it is inside the box.
  • Guess Who Game: When guests begin to arrive tape a piece of paper onto their back with the name of a Halloween character on it. As the party progresses they must try to guess whose name is on their back by asking other guests for hints. This is a great icebreaker as well.
  • Halloween Movie Trivia: This is a game that involves horror movie trivia. The more your guests enjoy horror movies the better they will do. Resources can be found online for downloading and printing. Have a fill in the blank sheet available as well.
  • Fortune Telling: If possible, have a fortune telling table set up. Have a friend dress appropriately and read the palms of guests or do tarot card readings. Of course, it is all in good fun so make the "readings" fun!

Halloween can be a really fun theme for a party. Just do a little research to find fun filled activities for you and your invited guests that don't involve consuming alcoholic beverages. For those looking for a holistic rehab center in Columbus, keep reading to see how Legacy Freedom can help you.

A Holistic Columbus OH Alcohol Rehab Center You Can Trust

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