Restructuring Your Life While In Addiction Recovery – Part 2

drug rehab in AshevilleWelcome back! In our previous post, we began talking about restructuring your life while in addiction recovery and after your drug rehab in Asheville. Today, we are going to continue discussing ways to rebuild after addiction.

Part one discussed accepting changes during recovery and dreaming of future plans. Once you've spent some time dreaming about the future, taking more time to brainstorm serious goals, long and short term, is key.

For example, think about your career path. Do you want to continue in your previous field? Would you prefer to go back to school to get a degree in a different field? Think about how you'll pay for schooling and where you'll work in the interim. Consider setting short, medium and long term goals to help you reach your overall goal for the future.

Also sit down with family and loved ones to talk things over, as well. They've been your support system during your time going through drug rehab in Asheville and recovery, so it's likely they'll offer ideas and support as you rebuild your life, as well. Include them in your goals. Allow them to help you set these goals and offer help along the way. If you have children or need somewhere to live while reaching for your aspirations, you'll want to lean on support you can trust to help you through.

During your brainstorming time, you probably touched on a few ideas that need further investigation. Now, mapping out a plan for the future can begin. If you'll be searching for a new career, take time to look for new jobs that you qualify for. If you're planning to go back to school, research degrees and new fields you'd like to study. Also research colleges and universities or community colleges. Decide on whether you'll take classes on campus or online. Researching your new goals will help you map your future out. This is a necessary step in the rebuilding process.

Working out the details of your goals comes next. Once you've researched your options and mapped out a plan, take time to make a list of things to do. Apply for new jobs or schools. Set up interviews with companies. Work with an adviser to schedule classes you'll need to work toward a degree.

Along the way, you'll likely end up with additional goals. Add these to your ongoing list of accomplishments and work toward crossing them off, just as you are your current goals.

Rebuilding your life while in addiction recovery is possible with defined goals and a great support group. Don't get discouraged during this time of change and resurrection. As you move on through recovery, things will get easier.

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Outpatient Drug Rehab in Asheville NC

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