The Best Ways to Relax Without Drugs and Alcohol

Drug Rehabilitation in Wilmington NCIt is indisputable that the holiday season can be full of stress. Between the end of the year pressures at work, a busy holiday social calendar, gift shopping, travel, and financial strain, it's no wonder that people are looking for ways to overcome their stress. The additional pressure makes staying sober even more challenging for newly sober addicts. If this is your first holiday season sober, preparing to manage the holiday season stress can help ensure that you don't relapse. When the pressures of the holiday season seem to be mounting, and you need to unwind, here are some of the best and healthiest ways for you to reduce stress. If you're battling addiction, call Legacy Freedom. We offer affordable outpatient alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Wilmington NC!

Practice Mindfulness: Whether you choose to practice yoga or take time away from the noise and distraction of your daily life, being present and understanding the reason that you feel the way you do is essential to minimizing your stress. Sitting quietly and allowing your thoughts to come and go provides a deep feeling of relaxation for many. If you are new to meditation, try using a free podcast to guide you through your first few sessions.

Break a Sweat: Sometimes all you really need to put a bad day behind you is your running shoes and a playlist. Going for a run, walk, or hike, taking a spin class, or lifting weights can make your stress disappear. Exercise triggers feel good chemicals in your brain that can have you humming holiday tunes before you finish your workout.

Use Stress to Your Advantage: Take the nervous or anxious energy you feel and channel it into a big project, make your to-do list, pack your lunch the night before, run errands, mail your holiday cards, or return a long overdue phone call. Getting these little nagging daily stressors out of the way can help you enjoy the time you have to relax. For the best help with addiction, call Legacy for drug rehabilitation in Wilmington NC you can trust.

Make a List: Writing down the things that stress you can help you identify what's truly getting to you. Getting these worries outside of your head where you can see and analyze them makes it easier to dissect your fears, anxieties, and stresses. Counter these negative feelings with a list of things that you are grateful for or that make you happy.

Give Yourself the Spa Treatment: Sometimes taking time for yourself during the mad dash of the holiday season is just what you need to break up the stress. Getting a massage, taking a float in a float tank, or even getting a manicure and pedicure is enough to put the stress you're feeling on pause. Turn off your phone and truly unplug for the time you are in the chair or on the table.

Laugh It Off: There are tons of great holiday movies that make light of the stressful and awkward situations that surround the holidays. Watching movies not your thing? Look for an open mic night at a local church or coffee house where you can enjoy some sober company and still tickle your funny bone.

Give to Others: There is no quicker way to boost your mood than to do something good for someone else. If the idea of attending your family holiday events is stressing you out, schedule yourself to volunteer at a homeless shelter or deliver meals to senior citizens who are homebound. Making someone else's day stops you from focusing on your stress, and rewards you with a feeling of happiness and appreciation.

Develop Your Inner Passions: Chances are that you have recently reconnected with passions and talents that you had forgotten you had or that your addiction overshadowed. Channel your holiday season stress into fostering these skills. Whether it's taking a painting class, picking up the guitar, learning a new martial art, or deciding to train for a 5k, turning a negative into a positive through action is an excellent stress reliever.

Make New Friends: The holiday season is a great time to meet new people. As you travel for the holidays, turn the stress of lost luggage and delays into an opportunity to meet someone new and brighten their day. Become a beacon of the holiday spirit and transform stressful situations for yourself and those around you into a warm memory. Choosing to embrace a positive mindset in the face of adversity reduces stress almost instantly.

Drug Rehabilitation in Wilmington NCIf actively working on your stress still isn't enough to keep you from feeling overwhelmed and anxious or depressed this holiday season, it is essential for you to reach out for help. In previous posts we discussed why people relapse and how even the most seasoned former addicts struggle to maintain their sobriety during the holiday season. The critical thing to remember is that you are not alone in your feelings of stress and anxiety. Letting these feelings control you and propel you back into your addiction is not healthy.

Outpatient Alcohol And Drug Rehabilitation in Wilmington NC

Don't give up on your sobriety just because the holiday season is stressful. At Legacy Freedom, we know how difficult it is to juggle the anxiety, stress, and depression that come with this time of year. Let our expert team of care professionals help you stick to your sober plan or help you get back on track after relapse. We don't judge. We listen, we encourage, and we empower our clients through our holistic approach to addiction recovery.

Each client is assigned a Life-Purpose coach to help them uncover their inner passions and motivations that have been buried beneath the layers of addiction. Together with your care team and your Life-Purpose coach you will create a unique treatment plan focused on your needs, not your addiction.

Through traditional talk therapy, you will uncover the root of your addiction and what motivates you to use drugs or alcohol to excess. Talk therapy will also help you identify any co-occurring disorders that may impact your chemical dependency. Our holistic approach also utilizes alternative treatment methods to help you learn to cope with and overcome the triggers of your addiction in a healthy and positive way.

Stop letting your addiction control your life. Call or click to connect with Legacy Freedom for the best drug rehabilitation in Wilmington NC!

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