Recovering Alcohol abuser’s Survival Guide for July 4th, Continued

Alcohol Rehab in Raleigh NCWelcome back to part two in our mini-series on how to develop your very own sober survival guide for the upcoming July 4th holiday weekend. In the previous post, we started the series with a few great tips for you to utilize when starting your planning process. To summarize part one, we covered making a list of friends, the importance of creating a budget, and we started to discuss picking your location.

If you missed part one and want to go back and take a read, you can get to it by simply clicking here. Let's continue with part two.

Sober Survival Tips - Picking Your Location

We are going to start off part two by talking about your location options. We're going to assume you have your budget picked out and know what you can and cannot afford. We're going to try to cover some specific details of the type of options you have available, whether you're staying home or traveling.

When it comes to picking a spot to travel to, or hang out at, when recovering from an addiction, a few key elements should be discussed. First off, avoid the biggest party areas where the college kids frequent. One of the key factors in staying sober is keeping yourself away from high trigger zones. This doesn't mean you cannot go to the beach, or travel somewhere cool and exciting, it just means you have to choose wisely and do your research.

For instance, if you and your friends want to take a really cool trip then sign up for a sober vacation. If you search for for sober vacation companies, you'll find pages of services offered specifically for those fighting addiction, yet still yearn to travel. These groups will plan out your entire itinerary, and you'll be with a whole group of like-minded people that are seeking fun and adventure, but in a sober and safe way.

Cannot afford a service like that?  Then take a road trip and go on a camping trip. You can find several locations that are within a few hours drive of you that are probably family friendly and offer fun and excitement. Camping on the 4th of July is a great pastime that can easily become your new sober tradition.

Other local alternatives would be to simply have your own sober celebration at someone's house, or visit one of the local family friendly fireworks displays. There should be several alcohol-free family events close to you. Just get online and search for local results.

Don't forget to check out part 3 where we conclude the survival guide with more sobriety tips. You can find it by clicking here.

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