Recovering Alcohol abuser’s Survival Guide for July 4th – Part 3

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Welcome to the final part in this series on developing a sober survival guide for not only the upcoming July 4th holiday weekend, but for anytime you need a vacation or want to get away. In part one we started the series off by discussing the general tips of the planning process, such as making a list of friends, creating a budget, and how to start sorting out your location options.

If you missed part one and want to go back and take a read, you can get to it by simply clicking here.

Part two covered some of the more popular location options that you have available for either staying local, or traveling. Today we are going to talk about your personal responsibilities and how to stay on the sober track.

Sober Survival Tips - Stay on Track!

Daily Stuff - Regardless of where you wind up this holiday, be sure to always do your best to stick to your daily routine. Your regimen is a key element to staying sober. Your vacation plans should not interfere if you plan everything accordingly. If you get up every morning at 6AM to go for a run, be sure you keep that schedule as part of your vacationing. Use it to your advantage to see some really cool scenery.

Say No - You don't have to always to go to every event or party; especially if you know there will be drinking. Just learn to say no. You can be honest about the situation and tell the friend that your sobriety might be a risk.

Have an Out - If you do find yourself going out to an event, have an escape plan in place. Always know that you have a way to leave a situation if you feel uncomfortable. You'd be amazed how handy this skill can be when battling addiction.

Sober Support Team - Even if you are traveling with a group of friends, or just hanging out with some friends at a local event, be sure to have some of your support team with you. Being alone on the holidays can be lonely and depressing, as well as, boring. All three are triggers which can hurt your sobriety. Make sure you reach out to your sober network and make plans with them if possible. For the ones that cannot make it out, ask them if you can call them if you need some extra support. Explain that you might need a crisis network in certain situations and they will be sure to oblige your request.

We hope this series helps you prepare for the July 4th holiday weekend. If you have questions, or need help with addiction, please do not hesitate to reach out to us today.

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