Positive Coping Skills for Teen Addicts

alcohol and drug rehab in Asheville NCThe pressures of being a teenager are ones that most parents disregard or chalk up to being "the price that must be paid" for excellence and becoming well-educated. Unfortunately, being pushed to be the best musically, socially, athletically, and academically can put too much stress on our teens. Ongoing stress in teens can deter their learning and development in ways that actually harm their performance. In addition, it also harms their physical and mental health. Chronically stressed teens tend to lose sleep and focus because they're worried about making mistakes that will jeopardize their success.

Chronic stress can also cause teens to get physically sick, if there aren't enough stress reducing skills used to help them unwind. Teens that don't get enough stress relief often turn to drugs and alcohol. While it might be difficult to believe that our children are turning to substance abuse, it might be the only way they see an "out". Drugs and alcohol appeal to teens that are overworked, stressed and tired of everyday life. It's important for parents to help teens reduce stress by teaching them coping skills. The following coping skills will help your teen addict deal with stress. They'll also be great for teens that haven't turned to substance abuse yet, but you fear they might.

Helping Teens Cope with Stress 

Don't let teens hide their stress. Help them learn to talk about it. Ask them how much stress they're feeling and why. Also ask how you can help them. Talk with your teens about stress that can be controlled. If too many sports activities are causing the stress, eliminate a few, even if it's only temporarily.  If they're worried that AP history will be the main cause of their stress, consider dropping the class. Stress that can be controlled in a teen's life should be. Talk with them about different strategies that could alleviate as much stress as possible.

Don't forget to focus on your teens for who they are. Many parents only focus on what their children accomplish. It's not because they don't love their kids, it's just easier to focus on what they're accomplishing. Take a look at their inner qualities and compliment them at least once a week. Pay attention to their compassion, insight, perseverance and motivation. Let them know that they don't have to win the race or ace the test to get your love and attention.

A well-balanced life and routine is also crucial for helping teens learn to relax. Set schedules for social and work life, routines for home life and then school schedules that will help them "turn the switch off" when it's time to relax. Offer them at least an hour or two of free time that should be used to exercise, read a book for fun or play board games with the family at night. Teens need down time that doesn't require them to do school work or commitments. Time to decompress is imperative when teaching your teens to cope with stress.

Do You Need Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Asheville NC for Teenagers?

Have you noticed a serious difference in your teen and suspect drug use? Regardless of how bad your teen’s drug use has become, help is always available. With combined support from family and our center for alcohol and drug rehab in Asheville NC, help is a phone call or visit away. Contact Legacy Freedom of Asheville to learn about drug rehab that is tailored to fit the needs of your teen, so that they're able to learn how to rejoin life, drug-free.

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