Is Your Neighbor Dealing Drugs?

Drug Rehab In Columbus OHWhen many of us think of drug dealers, we envision deals being done in empty parking lots away from prying eyes. We think of a rundown neighborhood full of abandoned houses, certainly not in our neighborhood. The truth of the matter is drug activity and dealing can happen in any neighborhood. Of course, often drug deals do go on in those abandoned houses and out of the way parking lots. However, they are simply not the only places targeted by drug dealers. Today, many people are selling drugs right out of their homes. Upscale neighborhoods, suburban cul-de-sacs, and even gated communities are not exempt from these dealers. For the best alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus OH for 2018, contact Legacy today. We want to help you.

These are not the folks you will see at the neighborhood block party. They will not be the neighbors who will invite you to a Christmas get together. They often appear well off when you see them around. New designer clothes and a top of the line new car gives the appearance of a respectable job. The problem is something seems “off”. Other neighbors may also express the same thought. You may begin to feel uncomfortable in your surroundings. Your gut may be telling you there is a new problem in your “safe” community.

A drug operation operating in your neighborhood is a threat to you, your family, and your neighbors. If you begin to suspect there is a drug operation in your neighborhood there are some things you should be on the look out for. The immediate reaction will be to get rid of the threat as quickly as possible. We advise you use great caution if you suspect you have a drug dealer in your midst. These are dangerous individuals, so trust your instincts and look for the following signs. If you're searching for outpatient alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus OH, make the call to Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers today.

You notice some weird smells around the neighborhood

Some drugs will always leave an odor. If they are being manufactured in your neighborhood, your nose will tell you. It will be impossible for a dealer to cover the smell. The larger the operation, the more you will smell. Walk by their house and you can smell the unmistakable aroma of chemicals or fertilizer. Methamphetamine is one of the most dangerous of these home drug operations. You may also see paraphernalia that can be used to make drugs scattered around the property.

Extra traffic in the community

Be wary of a neighbor who suddenly seems more popular than before. You may observe that many of their visitors only stay for a few minutes and then leave. If this is an ongoing regular activity, this can be a huge sign that this neighbor is engaged in some sort of illegal activity, probably drugs. This stream of visitors may be observed looking over their shoulder or acting suspicious. You may also see trucks coming around the home making pickups or dropping off boxes regularly. Unless you know your neighbor is running a legitimate home-based business this will be even more reason to be suspicious. Drug operations will need regular deliveries of their supplies. Many drug dealers ship their drugs as well.

If you suspect a neighbor is involved in illegal activity you can do a background check in an attempt to confirm your suspicions.

Once a person has been convicted of dealing drugs it becomes a way of life. Serving prison time only gives them more exposure to other drug dealers. These connections they will make while serving time will make it easier to grow their drug empire once they get out. If you suspect your neighbor might be dealing drugs, then pull their background report. This report can reveal the following information:


Are they wanted by the police? An outstanding warrant is a good indicator that they are involved in illegal activities.

Real Estate:

Do they own property all over town? Have they moved around frequently, sometimes several times in one year?

The company they keep:

Do they associate with known criminals? Has their spouse or another family member been convicted of a crime? You shouldn't assume guilt by association, but if they have a lot of felonious friends that can be a red flag.


Does your neighbor go by a name that doesn't match up with their records? Do they only use a nickname and seem unwilling to tell you their real name? Public records may show if they have ever used an alias in the past.

One of the best things you can do is enlist the help of other neighbors. Trade observations. Some may have seen things others have not. You can each record all of the details you can but do so cautiously. It is never safe to confront or even approach suspected dealers. The information the community gathers can be given to the police who will take the appropriate action. If possible document from the safety of your home. Note details like the make and model of suspicious cars. Include the color and time of the visits along with length of visits. Tag numbers will help but this may be harder to get. If individuals concern you then provide a good description of them as well. It is never a good idea to take pictures or be seen collecting information. This could put you in a lot of danger.

It is a good idea to avoid any confrontation with drug dealers or their customers. You want them out of your neighborhood and allowing the police to do their job increases the chances of that happening. Working with your community to prevent drug activity is always a great idea!

Holistic Drug Rehab In Columbus OH for 2018

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