Nature and Mental Health

Did you know that your surroundings have a significant impact on your mental health? Most of us have been in a room or environment that has made us feel anxious, sad, or depressed. A recent study has confirmed a link between the spaces we spend time in and our mental health. It may come as no surprise that those who spend more time outside experience less stress, anxiety, and depression. The physiological effects of being outside include a reduction in the production of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is a naturally occurring hormone that is directly linked with stress. Getting outside into open, green spaces can reduce the presence of this hormone and that can improve your problem-solving abilities, creativity, and focus.

Spending as little as 30 minutes a day outside can improve your mental health. Scientists have found that exposure to natural light helps regulate your biological clock. The more natural light you are exposed to in a day, the better you will sleep. Poor quality sleep or the inability to get to sleep can have a significant impact on your mental health. Studies have shown that there is a direct link between the quality and quantity of sleep that you get and depression. Quality sleep can also help you manage anxiety and other mental health disorders.

Exercising outdoors has been found to reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration and lead to better sleep. While walking is one of the most accessible and most popular activities to do outdoors because it can be done virtually anywhere, horseback riding, fishing, hiking, running, and biking are other favorite activities. Committing to spending time outside every day offers both physical and mental benefits. Getting out and about on a daily basis also provides you the chance to interact with neighbors, coworkers, and friends. Parks and other outdoor spaces give people an opportunity to connect and engage in social activities. Lack of the emotional support created by social connections has been linked by researchers to increased feelings of stress and depression.

Making a change in your daily routine to include regular exercise can help improve your mental health, but if you are still struggling to manage feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression, Legacy Freedom can help. Thousands of clients have learned to overcome their mental illness with our holistic approach to mental health care. By combining alternative treatment methods with traditional talk therapy, our care team can create a plan of care that is focused on you and your needs, not just your mental health. We believe in treating the whole person and offer our clients the ability to access a nutritionist and physical therapist as part of their treatment.

Getting started with Legacy Freedom and our quality mental health care is easy. Call or click to connect with our team and begin your healing journey today! Don't spend another day feeling anxious, depressed, or stressed. The help you need and deserve is waiting for you!




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