Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Traits

Counselor in Asheville, NCAre you worried that you may be involved with a narcissist? Whether it's someone you're in a romantic relationship with or a friend that continually tries to manipulate or is condescending to you, it's important to understand this disorder. Sometimes, narcissists try to manipulate in a way that can be abusive, both physically and emotionally. They can drain an individual and cause them to feel like they might be going insane.

Below, you'll find traits that narcissists have. These characteristics are what set them apart from healthy individuals and those with other types of personality disorders. Legacy is the best choice if you're searching for a holistic counselor in Asheville, NC. Call for help with mental health!

Those suffering from this disorder might make a promise and then break it without any remorse. They will also deny making a promise in the first place, no matter how many witnesses can attest to what they said.

Those who deal with a narcissist might find that they're angry, abusive and continually trying to alienate them from friends and family.

Being condescending and belittling others are common traits with narcissism. You'll find that they prefer to patronize friends and family in a passive aggressive manner. They may condescend while keeping a friendly attitude or belittle someone while being reasonable and calm during a normal conversation.

Narcissists also have a knack for blaming others for anything that may happen to them directly, no matter whether they're responsible or not. They may have an incomplete project due to missing a day of work, but they'll blame the shortcoming on coworkers. They'll never deal with a problem, only blame those who could have a part in creating it.

Some cases show that NPD can lead to domestic theft. This deals with the narcissist taking control of an asset or resource that belongs to someone they share ownership with, a spouse, partner, family member or close friend. They will not seek approval first.

Emotional abuse can also come into play with NPD. They'll invoke fear, guilt or obligation in their loved ones in order to either play a victim or get their way.

Blackmail from emotional abuse is common with this disorder, as well. They may attempt to control someone's behaviors or actions by threatening to punish them in some form or another.

Exaggerated criticism, unwanted advice, and false accusations typically come from NPD. They'll be directed towards someone the narcissist is either trying to manipulate or control emotionally.

Gaslighting is a trait that involves brainwashing or mentally convincing someone who's healthy and of sound mind that they have an issue. Narcissists try to make healthy victims believe that they're crazy or going insane. They might also try to convince them they're suffering from a personality disorder like narcissism.

Intimidation can be used in a hidden or veiled way. It's an indirect threat that can be non-verbal but hurtful. For example, failing to show up at a loved one's birthday party for no good reason can be an act of NPD intimidation.

Grooming is done to get a victim ready to be more suitable for the narcissist to have a relationship with. They may isolate the victim from their loved ones and make the individual be dependent upon them so that they're able to abuse and manipulate them easier.

Unnecessary litigation may become a problem for those that are involved with someone suffering from NPD. They may try to take legal action against someone to gain advantage over an individual or an organization. This is done in order to "hurt" the victim.

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