Is Narcissism a Mental Illness?

Therapy in Columbus, OHNarcissism is showing up in an almost viral way. From articles about narcissism popping up on your Facebook timeline to being hashtagged more than 300,000 times on Instagram, narcissistic personality disorder is getting more attention than ever. Chances are you know someone who displays narcissistic traits, but to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder they must demonstrate at least five of the defining characteristics of the disorder. If you're looking for help with narcissism, call Legacy Freedom. We offer holistic therapy in Columbus, OH.

While little is known about the causes of narcissistic personality disorder, experts believe that there are links to genetic and biological factors. The most likely origins come from early life experiences and environmental factors. The development of this condition evolves as a way to enhance or overcome incredibly fragile self-esteem. Characteristics of the disorder usually develop in early adulthood and are seen in multiple contexts. Narcissistic traits affect work and relationships, with the person believing that they are superior or special. Seeking to affiliate themselves with people who they believe are unique or special in some way allows the narcissist to think they themselves are gifted or special in some way.

People with narcissitic personality disorder (NPD) are typically described as demanding, manipulative, arrogant, self-centered and lacking empathy. They thrive on the admiration and adoration of others. Those with NPD often have difficulty accepting defeat or criticism. These instances leave them feeling empty, humiliated, and rejected. As a result, when these feelings occur, many narcissists lash out and become aggressive.

Narcissists respond to these negative situations by:

  • Becoming depressed or moody
  • Feeling vulnerable
  • Having difficulty regulating emotions and behaviors
  • Being unable to adapt to stressful situations or change
  • Exhibiting rage or contempt in an attempt to belittle the other person and appear superior
  • Becoming angry or impatient when they do not receive special treatment

The most readily recognized traits of a narcissist are:

  • Manipulates or takes advantage of others to reach their own goals
  • Lacks empathy
  • Is unable to consider the feelings of others
  • Overstates their own importance
  • Believes they deserve or are entitled to special treatment
  • Arrogant behaviors or attitudes
  • Is jealous of others or thinks that others are jealous of them

Narcissists have difficulty admitting that anything is wrong so they are unlikely to seek treatment for their NPD. However, when they do seek treatment it is most likely for a co-occurring disorder like substance addiction or depression. Treatment is seen as an insult to their self-esteem, so narcissists are highly unlikely to follow through with treatment recommendations or accept treatment at all. NPD affects men more often than it does women. Studies have shown that almost one percent of the population has been diagnosed and that of that one percent 75% are male.

Affordable Outpatient Therapy in Columbus, OH

If you, or someone you love, are exhibiting the characteristics of NPD, Legacy Freedom can help. Our holistic approach to mental health therapy helps you get to the root of your NPD and identify the cause. By combining traditional talk therapy with alternative therapies Legacy Freedom of Columbus provides you with a complete treatment plan that helps you heal mind, body, and spirit.

Together with your care team, you will create a care plan that focuses on your needs and therapeutic goals. Through one-on-one therapy and group therapy, you will identify the cause of your NPD and learn how to cope and overcome the feelings that trigger your narcissistic feelings. Group therapy allows you to connect with others who are struggling to overcome their own issues. Finding support and acceptance amongst your peers can help keep you on the right track as you work through the problems associated with NPD.

With more than ten different alternative therapies to choose from, Legacy Freedom will help you learn to set boundaries, accept criticism and overcome the need to be the center of attention. Learn more about our alternative therapy offerings on our blog. Call or click to connect with our care team today and take control of your life with the best outpatient therapy in Columbus, OH.



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