The #MeToo Movement

Therapists in Columbus, OHIf you have been on social media lately you have probably seen status updates, tweets, and Instagram posts tagged with #MeToo. The hashtag was shared as a way to acknowledge women and men who have been the victims of sexual assault. The power of this movement takes a topic that is considered taboo or difficult to talk about and translates it into a way for those who have been victims of sexual assault to raise awareness about the prevalence of sexual assault in our society. The sheer volume of people who have come forward in support of this hashtag and all that it represents is staggering. Shedding light on sexual assault and the impact an assault has on the victim is truly powerful. If you're searching for therapists in Columbus, OH, to help you deal with an assault, call Legacy Freedom. We can help you!

For those who have been the victims of sexual assault, the aftereffects of the assault last long after the incident is over. Sexual assault is classified as any sexual behavior that occurs without the clear consent of the victim. These behaviors include:

  • Rape
  • Attempted Rape
  • Coercion or Threats
  • Forcing the Victim to Perform Sexual Acts
  • Fondling or Unwanted Touching
  • Manipulation

Victims of sexual assault are likely to experience both short and long term effects on their mental health. These effects include:

  • Eating Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Substance Abuse or Addiction

One in four women and one in 33 men will become a victim of sexual assault in their lifetime. The response that a victim receives after the incident has a profound impact on their mental health and the way that they cope. By raising the awareness of the number of people who have experienced these situations through the #MeToo movement, organizers hope that sexual assault will become part of the conversation rather than something that is hidden away in secrecy.

Affordable Therapists in Columbus, OH For Sexual Assault and Rape Victims

If you, or someone you love, have been the victim of sexual assault and are struggling with PTSD, depression, anxiety or eating disorders as a  result, Legacy Freedom of Columbus can help. Our team of highly trained therapists specializes in helping those who have been assaulted regain their confidence and overcome the residual feelings of depression, anxiety, and PTSD that linger after the attack. Our care team will create a care plan that is focused on your specific needs and work to help you confront your trauma head on.

Using alternative therapies like inner child work or EMDR, our therapists in Columbus, OH can help you take away the power those memories hold and give you back a sense of peace. When combined with traditional talk therapy, these treatments have proven effective for many of our clients. Learn more about our additional treatment options on our blog. One-on-one therapy and group therapy allow you to feel heard and understood in a safe and supportive environment. Making connections with your peers means a support network you can rely on while you are away from our outpatient facility.

You are more than just a number in the #MeToo movement. You deserve to be heard and to be treated with compassion and understanding. Take back your power with the help of our dedicated staff at Legacy Freedom. Stop letting your attacker control your thoughts, actions, and feelings. Call or click to connect with our care team today!

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