Mental Illness in the Elderly

depression therapy in Wilmington, NCOne thing is inevitable, we all get older as time passes. Unfortunately, as you approach your senior years, things become more difficult and complicated. Some of the most simple daily tasks can be difficult. Why? As your body ages so does your mind. People can often experience memory loss, loss of motor skills, and other problems that can make easy things harder. Unfortunately, as you age, you can also experience mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, and in some cases, dementia. If your elderly parent needs depression therapy in Wilmington, NC, call Legacy Freedom. We offer age appropriate treatment programs.

Depression is something that many elderly face for various reasons. Aging alone can cause depression. In addition, the older you get the higher the chances are that you will begin to outlive your friends and other family members. This can also take a toll on your overall well-being. Of course, everyone should be happy that they are continuing to live, but we all know how sad it is when someone close to us passes away. In addition to your loved ones passing on, you can also experience loved ones who become sick and can no longer care for themselves. This too can cause depression.

As you get older, you also tend to worry more. Anxiety sets in as you worry about your children and grandchildren. As times change so do things like technology, healthcare, and other factors of life. This can cause anxiety in seniors, as well. Small things like getting a new cell phone, learning to email, or having to learn new technology can be overwhelming and often create anxiety. For more information, please click here to read our next post on this subject.

Depression Therapy in Wilmington, NC For Seniors

Thankfully, no matter how bad depression or anxiety gets in the elderly, or whatever reason might be causing it, there are ways to fight mental illness. Whether you're experiencing this mental illness firsthand or are experiencing it indirectly, through a loved one who is suffering, know that there is help available. Holistic, natural therapy is a great way to work through depression and anxiety.

If someone you know is experiencing anxiety or is suffering from a depression disorder and you aren't sure where to turn, call Legacy Freedom. We are here to help with holistic and dependable depression therapy in Wilmington, NC. We can help find the root cause of anxiety, grief and sadness, and also help you treat and recover from it. Learning to cope with heavy depression alone is difficult and very overwhelming. However, you don't have to do any of this alone. Contact Legacy of Wilmington, NC to speak to someone that cares.

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