Are There Mental Health Benefits to Cosmetic Surgery?

Raleigh Mental Health ServicesPhysical appearance and the way someone feels about their looks can be a source of confidence or a source of unhappiness. From homemakers to celebrities, those who engage in cosmetic surgical procedures are often seeking to improve perceived flaws in their appearance. Research has shown that there is a link between how one feels about their appearance and their happiness. However being more attractive doesn't necessarily lead to happiness. More than 4.6 million cosmetic procedures are performed each year in the United States. While the men and women who are undergoing these treatments are enjoying the physical results of their procedures, the mental health impact of successful cosmetic procedures may be more beneficial to their overall well-being. If you're ready to take your back you life, call Legacy Freedom. We can help you with quality Raleigh mental health services.

Struggling with low self-esteem as a result of physical appearance is one of the biggest reasons that people seek out cosmetic surgery. Changing your nose or getting breast implants can offer a self-confidence boost that for many people is life altering. There is no shortage of research that backs up the idea that attractive people have more advantages when it comes to getting a job or finding a spouse. However, for many who undergo these procedures, making their physical appearance match with the way they feel inside or see themselves is the motivating factor. Altering features that attract unwanted attention is a way of controlling the social anxiety that negatively affects the person's daily life.

When cosmetic procedures don't go according to plan or the patient is unhappy with the results, the negative mental health impact is severe. Patients who have undergone plastic surgery and reported unhappiness with the outcome of the procedure or who experienced complications after the procedure that altered the desired result report feelings of depression or increased anxiety and in some extreme cases post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Botched plastic surgery has the ability to further foster feelings of low self-esteem, unworthiness, and can force the person to isolate themselves. All of these factors combined create an environment where severe depression can form.

Having realistic expectations about the outcomes of successful cosmetic surgery is crucial to getting the mood-boosting benefits. While having a tummy tuck or a breast reduction may make you feel more confident, these procedures won't help you overcome major depression or heal the trauma of mental abuse. Choosing to have cosmetic surgery is not a replacement for seeking mental health care and support.

Holistic Raleigh Mental Health Services You Can Trust

At Legacy Freedom of Raleigh, we know that physical appearance plays a crucial role in your mental health and well-being. Cosmetic surgery isn't the answer for overcoming social anxiety, depression, trauma, sexual abuse or coping with PTSD. If you, or someone you love, are using cosmetic surgery as a way to cope, we can help. Our holistic treatment program focuses on helping you understand the underlying causes of your need to alter your appearance in order to deal with negative feelings about yourself.

Together with your therapist, you will spend time one-on-one learning how to cope with the feelings that make you want to alter your appearance. Forming new boundaries, confronting old trauma, and healing yourself is crucial to long-term mental health. Legacy Freedom combines more than ten different alternative therapies and traditional talk therapy to give you a more complete holistic approach to your mental health care.

If botched cosmetic surgery has left you feeling depressed or anxious, our staff can help you work through those feelings and restore your confidence. Call or click today to get access the best Raleigh mental health services.


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