The Mental Health of Airline Pilots

Mental Health Facilities in Charlotte, NCThe Journal of Environmental Health recently published a study that found that almost four percent of airline pilots admitted to having suicidal thoughts and 13 percent met the criteria for clinical depression. Under-reporting of mental illnesses among pilots is common practice. Many pilots fear that they will be grounded due to the Federal Aviation Association's (FAA) guidelines. Participants in the study reported experiencing a loss of interest, thinking they would be better off dead, having difficulty concentrating, and feeling like a failure. If you're flying through the Queen City and want to get help, call Legacy Freedom. We're one of the best mental health facilities in Charlotte, NC.

On the job pressures and stress contribute to the feelings of depression that many commercial airline pilots experience. Female pilots were more likely to be diagnosed with depression and experience feelings associated with poor mental health. The prevalence of depression in commercial pilots opens the discussion into whether the FAA needs to conduct annual mental health screenings for pilots. The study revealed that aviators who used sleep medication frequently and those who experienced verbal or sexual harassment were more likely to experience severe depression.

Since depression covers such a large spectrum of symptoms, many people don't even realize that they are depressed. The pervasive feelings of helplessness, sadness, and devastation can become part of your everyday normal and make it so that you are unaware you are struggling. However, more disruptive symptoms like fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and a loss of energy can be harder to miss. For airline pilots who are experiencing symptoms of depression, seeking treatment right away is essential.

Additional symptoms of depression include:

  • An inability to focus or think clearly
  • Irritability
  • Changes in appetite
  • Misinterpretations of reality
  • Agitation
  • Social withdrawal
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Depression is an entirely treatable condition. Without proper mental health care, the likelihood that your depression will improve is slim. Whether your depression stems from the sudden loss of a loved one, a change in relationship status, financial problems, chronic illness, a drug or alcohol dependence, or difficulties at work, the professional staff at Legacy Freedom can help. Our dedicated team of mental health professionals works to provide you with compassionate and confidential mental health care. By combining alternative treatments with traditional talk therapy, Legacy Freedom has created a unique holistic approach to mental health care.

We believe in treating the whole person. Our staff dietician and physical therapist can help you heal the physical impacts of your depression. One-on-one talk therapy helps you get to the root of your depression and understand what causes you to feel the way you do. For some of our clients, connecting with peers through group therapy helps them find support away from our outpatient facility. Group therapy can also involve your friends, coworkers, and loved ones as your treatment progresses. We want to make sure that you feel supported and understood throughout your time in our program.

Legacy Freedom Charlotte NC offers more than ten different alternative therapy methods for you to choose from. Learning how to manage your depression through various coping methods like tai chi, EMDR, and aromatherapy can teach you new ways to cope with your feelings of overwhelming sadness, irritability, and hopelessness.

Don't let depression control your life. Take back control with holistic depression treatment from Legacy Freedom. Call or click to connect with one of the best mental health facilities in Charlotte, NC today!


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