Low Self-Esteem and Anxiety

mental health therapist in Charlotte, NCResearch conducted by the Self-Esteem Institute states that fear and anxiety are the cornerstones of low self-esteem. Experts agree that the amount of acceptance and rejection we experience in our lives is directly tied to our self-esteem. The trick is that you have to be able to correctly interpret these interactions to get their real meaning and the full intent. Your self-esteem is directly affected by your perceptions of these interactions. If you need a mental health therapist in Charlotte, NC to help you deal with anxiety, call Legacy today.

When your self-esteem takes a hit, your anxiety is right there to help reassure you that you really are as dumb as that small gaffe in the company meeting made you feel. Yes, everyone was staring at that wrinkle in your shirt, and now you won't get that big assignment you want. See how that works? Anxiety and self-esteem feed off each other in a constantly revolving cycle. For those who struggle with anxiety and low self-esteem, breaking the chain reaction can be difficult.

Here are some tips to help you put anxiety in check and boost your self-esteem:

  • Focus on the positives - So you messed up the client's name during the company meeting. No one seemed to notice but you. Instead, focus on the fact that you had their project finished on time and under budget. Finding the win and the positive in any situation helps interrupt your patterns of anxiety. Take time to write down the positives and put them where you can see them when your anxiety starts to get the better of you.
  • Put yourself out there - If your low self-esteem is forcing you inside and away from new experiences, be brave and push out of your comfort zone. Start with small experiences like going to a MeetUp group or talking to someone at the shop where you get your coffee every day. Positive interactions will help boost your self-confidence and keep your anxiety in check.
  • Express gratitude - It's hard to feel anxious or down on yourself when you are thinking about what you are grateful for.  The people in your life who support you and care for you are there to help lighten the load and make you feel good when you're feeling down on yourself or anxious about the events in your life. Taking the time to think about these people and what you truly value can help put the small anxieties into perspective and stop the progression of anxiety into negative self-talk.

Affordable Mental Health Therapist in Charlotte, NC

If interrupting the cycle of anxiety and low self-esteem is hurting your career, your relationships and affecting your happiness, the time to seek help is now. Legacy Freedom of Charlotte works with people every day who are caught in the seemingly unending cycle of anxious thoughts precipitated by low self-esteem. Struggling with these two disorders together is life altering in so many ways. Our dedicated team of therapists and clinicians are ready to work with you to help break the hold of anxiety and boost your self-esteem.

Through our unique holistic approach to mental health, our staff will help you identify the causes of your anxiety and what is tearing down your self-esteem. Through one-on-one traditional talk therapy and alternative therapies, you will learn new ways to cope with these feelings. With more than ten alternative therapies available there is sure to be one that piques your interest and meets your therapy goals. Learn more about our unique approach to mental health care and our available treatments here on our blog.

Anxiety doesn't have to control your life. Call or click to connect with Legacy Freedom today and begin your healing journey to better self-esteem with our qualified mental health therapist in Charlotte, NC!



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