Love on the Brain

Therapy in Charlotte, NCDid you know that falling in love changes your brain? Scientists who have spent time studying the brain have found significant changes that occur when you fall in love. People who are falling in love describe the feeling as exhausting, passionate, euphoric, and everything in between. Here are the ways that falling love affects your brain. If you need love therapy in Charlotte, NC, call Legacy.

Fuzzy focus? You must be in love.
Neuroscientists have found that falling in love causes significant changes in attention and emotion as well as a sharp decrease in cognitive control. These findings explain why falling in love is more than just a little distracting.

Is the love potion real?
Love creates a hormone cocktail in the brain that sends those who are falling in love into a spin. Love reduces the serotonin levels in new lovers and creates a single-minded focus for those who are new to their partner. Low serotonin levels are also a feature of the obsessive-compulsive disorder. Love also activates the brain's opioid system. When the brain really likes something this system activates, and scientists believe that that is how people choose the best mate. The rewarding feelings you experience help you determine the right partner. Scientists have also discovered that love is quite literally like a drug. The same system in the brain that is activated during cocaine addiction is activated when someone falls in love. This makes romantic love one of the most addictive substances on the planet.

Your brain can change for life.
Happily married couples and those who are falling in love both demonstrated similar activity in specific brain regions. Researchers assert that this brain activity provides valuable clues as to why some couples stay in deep, romantic love for decades.

As your love changes, so do its effects on your brain.
MRI scans taken by researchers that were published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience found that based on brain activity it could be determined what stage of love the participant was in. The reward center of the brain lights up while the person is falling in love. However, when the relationship ends, the activity in the reward center decreases sharply.

Affordable Love Therapy in Charlotte, NC

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