Long Distance Love and Anxiety

therapists in Charlotte, NCWhether you are separated by distance because of work or school or you met online, making a long distance relationship work can be challenging. The difficulties of keeping love alive across the distance become even more complicated when one of you has a mental illness. Being in a relationship with someone who struggles with anxiety can be difficult when you are in the same geographic location. When you are separated by hundreds or thousands of miles, is it a deal breaker? Here's what you need to know about having anxiety in a long distance relationship. If you're looking for qualified anxiety therapists in Charlotte, NC, make the call to Legacy to get help.

Long Distance Relationships and Anxiety Problems

You will struggle with the comparison trap.
While other couples are snuggled up on the couch with cocoa fighting over the remote this winter, you're rocking fuzzy socks and waiting for your sweetheart to call. While you may not get to go on regular dates, and the last fight you had was about them missing an arranged call instead of dirty laundry in the bathroom, your long distance relationship still has positives. You are both free to live your lives and yet have the love of someone special in your life. When you are together, it is committed quality time. Avoid comparing your relationship to others and appreciate it for the special relationship that it is.

Be honest with your partner.
Anxiety can build during times apart. If you feel like it is all getting to be too much and you are unable to deal with the distance, you need to let your partner know. The truth is that it may not be the relationship at all. It could be your anxiety. Sometimes it is hard to discern what is real and what is your anxiety overruling your thought process. Talking through your feelings and worries can help you put things in perspective.

Don't try to control your partner, trust them.
While you are miles away from each other it is easy to worry about your partner falling in love with someone else or stepping outside your relationship. When panic kicks in and clouds your thoughts it is important to remember that you need to trust your partner. Trying to control them by forbidding them to do something or go somewhere with a group of people can drive them away from you. When your anxiety is pushing you to have these thoughts and feelings, it is crucial for you to try to find things that make you happy. Focusing your energy on something positive and productive can help you overcome these worries. Spending time on yourself and giving yourself some self-love can help make these difficult days easier.

Couples' Therapists in Charlotte, NC For Anxiety

If you continue to struggle with your anxiety and it is beginning to have a negative impact on your relationship, Legacy Freedom can help. We know that living each day with anxiety is difficult. Worry consumes your thoughts and makes even the most straightforward task difficult. At Legacy Freedom of Charlotte, we utilize a holistic approach to mental health that it is centered on you not your anxiety. Understanding where your anxious thoughts come from is crucial to taking back control of your life.

We offer a comprehensive approach to your care by combining alternative therapy treatments with individual talk therapy sessions and group therapy. For more on our holistic approach see our previous posts.

Stop letting your anxiety create problems in your relationship. Call or click to connect with Legacy Freedom today!

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