Why Are You Lazy?

substance abuse treatment centers in greensboro NCAre you lazy? Do you have trouble getting motivated or staying motivated? Does a productive day wipe you clean of energy? If so, you might have found alternatives that help you deal with this issue.

While you, or someone you love, might assume you’re just lethargic, there are several reasons why you might be lacking motivation. Below, you’ll find out why. If you are addicted and looking for substance abuse treatment centers in Greensboro NC, call Legacy Freedom today. We can help.

Mental Health Issues

In today’s society there are more people than you realize suffering from undiagnosed depression, anxiety or other mental health issues that drains them of all their energy and productivity. This means they sleep all the time, complain about being exhausted and rarely do anything that isn’t completely necessary. We assume they’re lazy because we do not suffer from the same problem. Those who get a diagnosis and begin treatment for their mental health problems can also have low energy and no motivation due to the medication they’re required to take.

Can’t Beat the Heat

While controversial and based on theory only, there is something about extremely hot temperatures and laziness. It is simply difficult for some individuals to get motivated when they feel like they're having a heat stroke. Some fare better in cooler temps. Again, this controversial subject is something that has never been scientifically proven. Beating the heat can be troublesome when it comes to being focused and driven. Being productive is impossible for those that have suffer adverse effects from dry, hot weather.

Take the Easy Way Out

There is always an easier option when it comes to life. It might not be the smartest or most beneficial, but there’s almost always an alternative that’s cheaper, less difficult and quicker. These individuals tend to assume they’re looking for the most efficient way to do things, but honestly, they’re just more interested in taking the easy way out.

For example, someone that chooses to eat out every meal instead of cooking at home does so to save effort on grocery shopping, food prep, cooking and cleaning.  To those that enjoy cooking and taking the effort to shop and prepare, this might seem like laziness. For the individual that doesn’t cook, it’s a beneficial, effective way to eat without spending energy on it.

Not Worth the Risk of Failing

Are you a perfectionist? Do you constantly worry that your efforts will fail you? If so, this might be your root cause for being lazy. It’s not that you don’t want to be productive, you just worry that you’ll put forth a massive amount of effort to have it all flop, right before your eyes. This is something perfectionists can’t handle. Everything has to be flawless. Otherwise, why even bother doing it?

Are you struggling from any of these issues? If so, visit back with us soon, as our next blog post will offer ways to stop being “lazy.”  We hope they will help you not only find the root cause of your unproductive ways but also keep them from happening as often!

Has a drug or alcohol problem made you lazy? If so, it's time to get help. Don't hesitate to contact Legacy Freedom today.

Affordable Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Greensboro NC

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