What Landlords Can Do About Drug Dealing Tenants

drug rehab in raleighDid you know that a landlord who rents to someone who deals drugs out of their property can face fines and criminal liabilities? Screening potential tenants and imposing a background check and a credit report on them can help reduce the likelihood of getting tenants into your property who would deal drugs. However, a running a credit report and a background check isn't a foolproof way to ensure you're not going to end up with problem renters. Knowing your rights and responsibilities as a landlord can help you know where to turn if you end up in a situation where your tenants are dealing drugs out of your property. If you have a friend that needs comprehensive drug rehab in Raleigh, trust Legacy Freedom for help. Call now.

When drawing up the rental agreement for tenants, property owners should include an explicit clause that states you have the right to evict any tenant that is making or dealing drugs on the property. Contact a real estate lawyer to review your rental agreement to ensure that you are within the rights of your state and local government with the language of the contract and your eviction rights. Having a well-written document in place from the beginning can help eliminate headaches and hassles should the need to evict arise.

If you own a multiunit property like a duplex or an apartment building, your other tenants may be your best eyes and ears when it comes to a tenant you suspect of dealing or making drugs. Strange smells coming from the property, high amounts of traffic, or lots of short drop in visits can be indicative of something illegal taking place on the premises. Talk with your other tenants to find out if the tenants in question have been seen disposing of unusual trash or if they have witnessed them selling or using drugs. Keeping tabs on your property's utility usage may also offer you clues about what's really going on with your tenants. Even if you don't get utility bills directly, you can reach out to your local utility company and get information on the electric usage for the residence for the last 12 months. Comparing current electrical usage to your previous tenant's usage can help you determine whether the occupants are up to something illegal, like using energy-sucking grow lights to raise marijuana.

Ideal renters can take a turn for the worse during their time in your property. As the number of people becoming addicted to opiates increases at an alarming rate, people from all walks of life are finding themselves addicted to these powerful drugs. Studies have shown that an addiction to opiates evolves quickly from prescription painkillers to heroin usage. Many of those who become addicted find themselves unable to afford their habit and will turn to dealing as a way to get their next fix. Landlords who have tenants battling addiction that are selling or manufacturing drugs on the property are in an even more perilous situation. Between the presence of drugs on the property and a tenant who is high or strung out, a landlord must be very careful in how he or she approaches the situation. For the best 2018 drug rehab in Raleigh, call Legacy Freedom.

drug rehab in raleighSome drug dealers and users will do everything in their power to protect their livelihood and addiction. This could include engaging in threats or acts of violence against you. If you have hard evidence that there is drug-related activity taking place on your property, it is best not to engage the offending tenants directly. Instead, involve law enforcement as soon as you can in the situation. Provide them with all the evidence you have. If the evidence is substantial enough, a judge may issue a search warrant for the property. In the event that you were incorrect, your tenants may be a little upset, but the likelihood that they would trace the search back to you would be small. In the event that the police search does turn up drugs and other paraphernalia, you have done your duty and informed law enforcement of the illegal activity. In most places, that is enough to prevent law enforcement from bringing charges against you for impeding an investigation or hiding evidence.

Should you feel that you don't have enough hard evidence to present a case to law enforcement or if you are unwilling to involve law enforcement for any reason, don't forget that you don't have to give your tenants the chance to renew their lease with you. It is important to understand though that other tenants in your property may not be able to turn a blind eye to illegal activities that are happening near their residence. Ignoring the issue could get you in hot water with law enforcement, and it can also damage your relationship with your other law abiding renters. You run the risk of eliminating good, reliable tenants by choosing to let troublesome tenants stay on the property. The damage to your livelihood and the relationship with your neighbors can be more costly than taking a chance on turning drug dealers and manufacturers in to the police.

Addressing and dealing with drug related tenant issues as quickly as possible is best. Once you have sufficient evidence to make a case to law enforcement, you should take the proper steps to have these tenants evicted from your property. Keeping your business, other tenants, and your property safe should be your priority.

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