Keeping Your Kids Safe from Substance Abuse This Summer

alcohol rehab in Asheville NCTalking with teens about substance abuse is a tough subject for parents. Unfortunately, those that don't talk with their teens about drugs and alcohol can push them further toward use. It's important to educate teens on substance abuse, keep an open line of communication, set boundaries and make sure they understand you're there to support them.

During the summer time, teens are out of school and ready to relax for a couple of months without worry of homework, tests or sports activities. This is also the most popular time for teens to begin drug use. Staying out late and spending more time with friends can lead to substance abuse without you ever realizing it.

Below, you'll find a few tips that will help you keep your teens safe from substance abuse this summer. If your teen needs drug or alcohol rehab in Asheville NC, please call us today.

Communicate - Keep an open line of communication going with your teens at all times. Just because they're out for summer doesn't mean they have free range to do whatever they'd like to without telling you first. Know who they're hanging out with and what they're doing at all times. You are the parent and have a right to know!

Set Boundaries - Even though teens are out of school for the summer and have freedom, don't let them run wild with no set schedule. Sleeping until noon and staying out past midnight isn't healthy. It's especially unhealthy as staying out late with friends can lead to trouble with substance abuse. Set boundaries that both you and your teen agree with and stick to them throughout the entire summer. If you're worried about what they're doing late at night, have them invite their friends to your house so you're able to monitor them.

Don't Accept Odd Behavior as Normal - Teens tend to go through a phase where they're trying to find themselves and be someone else at the same time. It's normal for teenagers to act differently. But, if their behavior becomes odd to the point that you notice it more than once or twice a day, don't accept it as normal. Ask questions, know who they're hanging out with and don't assume that mood swings and dressing differently are acceptable behaviors.

Show Support - When you notice that your teen is acting oddly or showing signs of abusing drugs or alcohol, show support. Let them know that they're able to come to you with anything. You're there to love and care for them.

Educate - Don't be afraid to educate your teens with videos, DARE programs and other resources that will teach them why substance abuse is wrong and dangerous. There are many reasons why drugs and alcohol are dangerous for teens. In fact there are many more reasons for teens than adults. Educate them so that they'll be able to say no with confidence.

Say No - Many parents fall into the trap of thinking that they can be their teens' friend by allowing them to drink and use drugs in a "safe environment" that is monitored by an adult. Don't be that parent. Say no to substance abuse that happens inside your home, just as you'd want yourself and your teen to say no in a peer pressure type situation. Substance abuse among teens is never OK. Even if there is supervision around.

Alternative Alcohol Rehab in Asheville NC for Teens

If your teen has a substance abuse problem and needs help, contact Legacy Freedom of Asheville today. We are here to help them get back to a healthy, drug or alcohol free life. Our outpatient center for drug and alcohol rehab in Asheville NC has programs that are great for teens.

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