Johnny Manziel: From Football Star to Mental Health Advocate

Asheville, NC Depression TreatmentJohnny Manziel is a former professional football quarterback that played in the NFL. This year, he decided to open up about his struggle with bipolar disorder. A Heisman trophy winner and first round pick for the Cleveland Browns, Manziel was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in California about a year ago. For the best 2018 Asheville, NC depression treatment, Legacy Freedom can help you. Call now to talk to our care team!

Unfortunately, the NFL player has not participated in a game since 2015 and was cut from the Browns in 2016 due to actions and behavior that was unacceptable to the NFL. He has been the subject of media reports that state he continually parties, has a substance-abuse issue, and was charged with domestic assault. At the time, Johnny was unaware that he could have a mental health disorder. He was eventually able to get the domestic assault charges in 2016 dismissed on the condition that he attended anger management classes.

It wasn’t until his mother talked to him about his actions and self-destructive ways that he realized something was not right. Manziel realized his daily actions were pointless, selfish, and meaningless. It was then that he decided to do something about his bipolar disorder. He realized that he can make a difference when it comes to facing mental health issues. Believe it or not, almost 5% of all adults in the United States suffer from bipolar disorder at some point in their lifetime. Men suffer more than women. This former football professional is going to use his previous actions and his diagnosis of bipolar disorder as a way to help others.

He has recently talked about self-medicating with substance abuse. He also talked in detail about how his substance abuse was what he thought of as liquid courage. However, the next day he would fall right back into his state of depression.

Although his nickname is "Johnny Football", Manziel is determined to make his recovery and well-being the most important thing in his life. Once he becomes well again, he plans to hopefully rejoin the NFL. He is now training for that goal. He is also sober and working towards bringing awareness to mental health disorders.

Asheville, NC Depression Treatment and More

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