Is Jealousy Dangerous in Addiction Recovery?

Alcohol Rehab in Wilmington NCMany emotions come up in recovery and they need to be addressed in order to learn new ways to cope with them rather than turning to drugs or alcohol. Jealousy is one of the most damaging emotions a person can have, so it is also one of the most important ones to address.

Jealousy has many different forms. Its basic definition is when someone has feelings of resentment toward someone else because of that person’s success. It can also be applied in relationships in the sense that one person is fearful that his or her significant other is being unfaithful.

A person can feel jealousy toward a family member, friend or co-worker. If it is a romantic jealousy, it involves the person's significant other. Someone can also have feelings of jealousy over someone he or she is no longer in a relationship with. Feelings of jealousy in a relationship that become overwhelming can lead to morbid jealousy, which is a dangerous illness that may require help from a professional.

Jealousy can include symptoms such as fear, suspicion, sadness, loss, uncertainty and distrust. It is caused by low self-esteem, past negative experiences, insecurity, fear of being alone and anxiety. It can also be a symptom of another mental health problem.

It is considered a normal emotion that everyone has, but when it begins to cause problems in a person’s life, it needs to be addressed. Do you need drug and alcohol rehab in Wilmington NC? If so, call us today! Legacy Freedom of Wilmington is your best option for getting sober.

Jealousy and Alcohol abuse

A study published in Addictive Behaviors last year said that there could be a connection between alcohol abuse and jealousy in romantic relationships. Researchers questioned 277 participants about their relationships, their perceived self-esteem and their drinking habits. It consisted of 87 percent woman and 13 percent men.

The findings showed that people who based their self-esteem on their relationships drink in order to deal with feelings of jealousy. When people were less satisfied in their relationships, or didn’t feel the commitment level was where they wanted it to be, they also turned to alcohol more. It was also true for people who felt dependent on their significant others.

The study revealed two interesting factors regarding jealousy. A person who relied on their relationship for self-esteem had feelings of jealousy, which they tried to deal with by drinking. If a person thought his or her significant other was cheating, which is a form of jealousy, then they also turned to alcohol to cope. If you're suffering from an addiction problem, please call Legacy Freedom today. We can help with affordable drug and alcohol rehab in Wilmington NC.

Morbid Jealousy

alcohol rehab in wilmington NCMentioned briefly earlier, morbid jealousy is when normal feelings are taken to the extreme. For instance, a person can have normal feelings of jealously over a significant other who may work closely with an attractive co-worker. But when those feelings cause behavior that is unnecessary, such as the following, it can become a problem:

  • Showing up at a partner’s work or other places unexpectedly
  • Demanding that a partner check in multiple times a day to prove he or she is not cheating
  • Asking for reassurance constantly
  • Going through a partner's phone or belongings looking for “evidence”
  • Engaging in violent behavior toward a partner or the perceived other woman or man
  • Threatening to harm oneself or a partner

There is a connection between people who have been diagnosed with morbid jealousy and alcohol abuse. In addition, people who use drugs such as cocaine or amphetamines, which are known to increase paranoia, can worsen the feelings.

Jealousy in Recovery

A person in recovery will experience a myriad of emotions. They may not have had issues with jealously before they sought help, but it can arise when they are in treatment.  When someone is in an inpatient center with other patients, or when they have group therapy as part of a treatment plan, people can begin to compare their progress to someone else’s.

It is sometimes called “stinking thinking,” which is used in describing any type of negative thinking. Many people in recovery have used techniques to cope that may involve patterns of thinking as a defense mechanism for avoiding the underlying issue.  Jealousy falls into that category because it can make a person feel bitter or resentful for what they think they lack, or what they may think they will never accomplish.

People recover from their drug or alcohol problem in varying degrees. Some may understand techniques quicker than others and may be able to get back to a “normal” life fairly quickly. Others may have more issues to address, or may have a harder time understanding the new concepts they are learning.

Because of this people can have feelings of jealousy if they don’t think they are recovering as quickly as they want. This can lead to relapse because they try to use their feelings of jealousy to justify using drugs or drinking again.

How to Deal with Jealousy

The root of jealousy is often low self-esteem. When you learn to value yourself and your accomplishments, your self-esteem will increase.  When you can appreciate what you have and who you are, you feel satisfied and probably won’t feel the need to compare yourself to others.

It is important to understand that everyone is different, will experience different things and will go through recovery in their own way. One of the reasons that Legacy Freedom is so successful with our drug and alcohol rehab in Wilmington NC is because we understand this. They base their plan for recovery on the individual because they know everyone has different needs.

Sometimes feelings of jealously are so strong they can’t be dealt with on their own or in a regular recovery program. In that case, the person may need help from a professional who can dig deeper to tackle the root of the problem.

Dependable Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Wilmington NC | Legacy Freedom

You don’t have to struggle with drugs or alcohol addiction anymore because we are here to help. We have a comprehensive program that we develop based on your individual needs. We know that the negative feelings you may be having might be why you’ve turned to drugs or alcohol, but you don’t have to use those substances to cope anymore. We can give you better, healthier techniques. Call us today to learn more about our holistic programs for drug and alcohol rehab in Wilmington NC!

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