The Impact of Divorce on the Mental Health of Men

Charlotte mental health servicesIt should come as no surprise that men and women experience divorce differently. While both partners suffer the loss of the person that they felt they would be with forever, they are expected to react differently. By society's standards, men should suck it up and move on. Women, on the other hand, are allowed to experience their emotions, cry to their girlfriends, and mourn the loss of their forever. The difference between the societal expectations leaves many men who get divorced feeling ashamed of their hurt and depression. Stop dealing with divorce on your own. Call Legacy today and ask about our holistic Charlotte mental health services.

The reality is that both parties have experienced a significant loss. No matter what the reason was for the end of the marriage, some emotions and feelings deserve to be acknowledged. Among men, divorce tends to increase feelings of depression and anxiety. Divorce also puts men at an increased risk for drug and alcohol abuse. Turning to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with his feelings instead of confronting them in a healthy way can lead to even more significant problems for a newly divorced man, especially if he has children.

If a man feels like his mutual friends sided with his ex-wife and kids during the divorce, feelings of loneliness can set in. A change in social interaction or a lack of physical activity makes these new feelings of isolation even more prevalent and lends itself to the development of depression for many newly single men. Men who have experienced difficulties with depression before are more likely to struggle with depression again after their divorce.

Facing an uncertain future gives most people anxiety. After divorce, most men find that their financial obligations have changed, they are now forced to parent their children alone, and that they are responsible for managing a household without help. Fathers are also anxious about the impact of the divorce on their relationship with their children. If the divorce was less than amicable, maintaining a relationship with their kids may be difficult.

Affordable Charlotte Mental Health Services for Men

At Legacy Freedom, we understand the challenges you face now that you are on your own. Worrying about finances, maintaining a relationship with your children, caring for yourself, and making new friends can feel overwhelming. We have helped thousands of men get to the root of their anxiety or depression and regain control of their lives. Choosing to ask for mental health help after your divorce doesn't make you weak. Learning to cope with your feelings in a healthy and positive way can ensure that your future is more stable and that you are better prepared to face the challenges ahead for you and your children.

Beginning treatment with Legacy Freedom of Charlotte is easy. Our caring and compassionate team is ready to listen to your needs and create a plan of care that focuses on you, not just your anxiety and depression. Through one-on-one talk therapy, group therapy, and alternative treatments, we can help you get back on track. Learning to set healthy boundaries and developing positive coping mechanisms will make life after divorce more relaxed and happier.

Get back to being a great dad or rediscover yourself through holistic mental health treatment from Legacy Freedom. Call or click to connect to get more information about our Charlotte mental health services!


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