How to Report Drug Dealing and Stay Anonymous

Drug Treatment in Raleigh NCWhen you are concerned about drug activity in your neighborhood or you know someone who is dealing drugs, reporting drug activity to the proper authorities may be necessary. However, doing so can pose a significant risk to your personal safety. Doing the right thing and reporting this behavior is crucial. There is no need to live in fear of retribution from drug dealers or their customers. You can report drug dealing anonymously. There are many ways to share this information with the proper authorities that don't involve giving them your personal information or revealing your identity. For quality drug treatment in Raleigh NC that you can depend on, depend on Legacy Freedom. Call today!

Many people don't report suspected activity because they are afraid of being wrong about what's happening in their neighborhood. Many drug dealers count on the fact that their neighbors won't say or do anything to keep their business running. There are signs and indicators that can help you determine whether or not your suspicions of drug activity are correct. These include:

  • Chemical odors coming from the home or the trash cans outside the house.
  • The blinds or shades of the home are closed all the time.
  • Shoes with shoelaces tied together hung over power or telephone lines.
  • Porch lights left on at odd hours.
  • Plastic baggies in the yard or on the porch of the residence.

When you try to determine whether there is illegal activity going on in your area, know which drugs are most common in your city or neighborhood. Watch for traffic that fits with the patterns of those drugs. For example, crack is most often smoked in glass pipes. If you see glass pipes laying around on the sidewalk or near a residence, this could indicate that there is crack usage happening nearby. Methamphetamines are sold in small baggies. Due to the nature of the drug, most users are unable to sleep so drug traffic at homes where meth is made and sold may be higher late at night or early in the morning. In talking with your neighbors, see if they have noticed anything suspicious. You don't have to come right out and ask about drugs, but you can mention heavy traffic, loud music, or other disturbances in the neighborhood to gauge their perceptions. Legacy Freedom offers reliable drug treatment in Raleigh NC. Please call today to learn more.

Reporting Anonymously
Once you have witnessed activity that needs to be reported, there are several ways you can share that information with authorities without revealing your identity. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the Department of Justice (DOJ), and Crime Stoppers all have anonymous tip hotlines where callers can leave information about illegal activities in their neighborhoods. When making your tip it is important to include the following information:

  • Names of the people you suspect
  • The address where the activity is taking place
  • Vehicles involved in the activity or frequently seen at the location including make, model, color, and license plate
  • Information about observed activities and when people come and go
  • Whether or not there are children, dogs, or elderly people living in the residence
  • What type of residence it is - home, apartment, trailer
  • Any other information that authorities should know

When you make your tip via phone, dialing *67 blocks the number that you are calling from so that authorities cannot trace the call back to you. You can report the activity to your local police but keeping yourself anonymous may be more difficult. Remember that any identifying information you are asked for is completely voluntary. You do not have to give information about your identity even if it is requested.

Deciding to report drug activity in your neighborhood can be scary. Not reporting the activity allows the cycle of crime and violence to continue in your community. Living in an area or town that is known for drug-related activity can limit the number of new businesses that will open in the area, small businesses that become targets for crime may close and move away, and the number of violent crimes in the area will increase. Not reporting drug activity to authorities also means that your neighborhood will see more instances of burglary, theft, fraud, assault, and sexual assault. Gun violence is also common in areas where there is a high rate of drug traffic.

Concerned citizens have the power to make changes in their neighborhoods and their communities. By taking advantage of the anonymous reporting tools that are available to you, you can help reduce the presence of crime and drugs in your area. To report suspicious activity in the Raleigh area, use these resources:

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