What Hollywood’s Sexual Assault Scandal Means for Sexual Abuse Survivors

PTSD treatment in Columbus, OHAs the list of powerful men in Hollywood who are being accused of sexual assault grows, the public's attention is being turned towards the women who have suffered sexual assaults. Powerful men like Roy Price, Harvey Weinstein, and James Toback are facing accusations that they abused more than 38 women. As more details emerge they bring additional questions about these assaults to the forefront. Who knew these women were being abused? Was anything done about it? If you need sexual assault or PTSD treatment in Columbus, OH, please call Legacy for help, today!

The sexual assaults allegedly committed by these men on actresses, performers, and reporters had once been swept under the rug but they are now being brought into the spotlight. As more and more women come forward and make these powerful accusations, what message is being sent to sexual assault victims outside the glitz and glamour of Hollywood?

It Is Not Your Fault
From A-list actresses to headline writing reporters, the women who were assaulted by these men were pressured into situations that made them victims. Fearing for their reputations and careers they allowed feelings of guilt and shame to silence them. Now the resounding message from these women is that being abused, harassed, or raped is never the victim's fault. Not reporting the assault, not talking about it and keeping the attacker or abusers secret only causes more damage.

Ignoring It Doesn't Make It Go Away

Pretending the rape or abuse didn't happen doesn't make it go away. It takes incredible courage to talk about what happened to you and to take away the power that the abuser has over you. Some of the actresses who have come forward and accused Weinstein of abuse said that he was able to rape or molest them several times because they felt terrible about themselves or felt that he was entitled to mistreat them.

No One Will Believe You
Sexual assault can become a he said/she said situation. Seeking help immediately after the attack when physical evidence can be collected is crucial. DNA evidence makes it difficult for a rapist or abuser to get away with committing such a heinous act. Fearing that they will be labeled as a liar or a whore many women never report their assaults.

The sexual abuse crisis in Hollywood is helping to shine a light on a growing problem. Every 98 seconds someone in the United States is sexually assaulted. One in six American women will have survived a completed or attempted rape in their lifetime.

Dependable PTSD Treatment in Columbus, OH

If you have been the victim of sexual assault or abuse, or you know someone who has, Legacy Freedom of Columbus can help. Together with our team of compassionate and caring professionals we can help you overcome the guilt and shame you feel. Coping with the painful experience of assault can leave you feeling anxious or depressed. Whether the attack is new or happened years ago, overcoming the lingering PTSD and fears associated with sexual assault can be difficult.

Let us help you cope with this experience through our holistic approach to mental health. By combining traditional therapy and alternative therapy we can help you heal mind, body, and spirit.

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