What Hollywood’s Sexual Assault Scandal Means for Sexual Abuse Survivors, Continued

Counselor in Columbus, OHAs we continue to examine the sexual abuse scandals that are rocking Hollywood, we begin to consider what these accusations and the stories of the victims mean for other sexual assault and abuse victims. Many of the A-list celebrities and journalists who have come forward have been met with support from both men and women in the industry and across the nation. The growing conversation about sexual violence against women and the outcry against victim shaming has brought awareness to the startling statistics about this crime. If you're searching for a highly trained counselor in Columbus, OH to help you deal with a sexual assault, call Legacy Freedom for help.

A recent report showed that 94% of women who had been raped experienced symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the two weeks that followed the incident. For those who were fortunate enough to receive psychological support after their attack, healing can begin right away. However, women who did not report the assault or who were not offered mental health help, may experience PTSD, depression, or anxiety for their rest of their lives.

Harvey Weinstein and other influential Hollywood players who have been accused of sexual molestation, rape, and assault, knew the individuals who are now speaking out against them. In fact, 70% of rapes are committed by someone the victim knows. Rapists and abusers use the fact that you know them to make it difficult for you to report the incident. Many women don't report the crime for fear of losing their job, tearing their family apart, or of being accused of being a liar. Victim shaming by sexual predators is not uncommon.

Activists, celebrities, politicians, and regular citizens have taken to social media in support of the conversation about victim's rights and sexual assault. The #MeToo has been used over 500,000 times on Instagram and more than 3 million times on Twitter.

Empowering victims to come forward and share their stories and get the support and help they need to cope with the aftereffects of the rape or abuse that they have suffered is critical.

Dependable Counselor in Columbus, OH For Sexual Assault Victims

The dedicated and compassionate staff at Legacy Columbus OH understands how difficult it can be to talk about being raped or assaulted. Please know that these attacks are never the fault of the victim. You deserve to have care and support after a traumatic event like this. We specialize in PTSD, depression, anxiety and other co-occurring disorders.

Through our unique holistic approach to mental health care, we can help you discover new ways to cope with the memories of this violation. Alternative therapies like EMDR and inner child work have proven extremely effective in reducing the symptoms of PTSD. Equine-assisted therapy is helpful for those who have difficulty talking about their experiences or who need to learn to trust again. Meditation, yoga, and tai chi help victims learn to set boundaries for themselves and be mindful of them.

Traditional one-on-one talk therapy helps you connect with the thoughts and feelings that haunt you after the attack. Group therapy will give you the support network you need while you are away from our outpatient facility. Connecting with your peers can help you realize that you are not alone.

Stop letting your rapist or molester control your thoughts and your life. Take back your power with Legacy Freedom.

Call or click to connect with a counselor in Columbus, OH that you can trust!

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