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Therapist in Charlotte, NCAs we continue our look at the impact of HIV/AIDS on mental health, we turn our attention to the multiple mental health conditions that impact those with the illness. As with any serious health condition, the additional stresses and worries that plague those with HIV/AIDS significantly affect their mental health and well-being. All too often, these mental health concerns can begin to impact the physical health of the person, further complicating their health concerns. If you need help with being HIV positive, call Legacy. Our therapist in Charlotte, NC can help you.

One of the most commonly occurring mental health concerns that those with HIV/AIDS struggle with is depression. Being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS can change the relationships they have with important people in their lives. Many friends, co-workers, or family members are unable to understand what HIV/AIDS is and they have a negative perception of the disease. Antiviral drugs can also cause some people to experience feelings of depression. If left untreated these feelings can become debilitating.

Fear of the diagnosis itself as well as side effects from the antiviral drugs can cause many with HIV/AIDS to experience extreme anxiety. Worries about having to tell others you are HIV positive, being able to perform your job duties as you did before, and difficulties getting the medical care or support services you need can all add to the feelings of anxiety many experience.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
The threat of disease progression from HIV to AIDS, the risk of opportunistic infection, or the social rejection experienced by those with HIV/AIDS leads to a significant portion of the positive population experiencing PTSD. Witnessing the death of friends, partners, or loved ones from the disease also significantly contributes to the development of PTSD.

Many who struggle with HIV/AIDS are experiencing mental health concerns. As a result they find that talking with others who are sharing the same experience helps them overcome their feelings of depression and anxiety. However, many still need additional help and guidance to work through these feelings long-term.

Mental Health Therapist in Charlotte, NC For HIV

At Legacy Freedom of Charlotte, our experienced staff understands the unique mental health needs of those who have HIV/AIDS. Our holistic approach to mental health care treats the whole person, not just your depression, anxiety or PTSD. Improving your physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being through comprehensive treatment helps you learn to identify the root of your mental health issue and begin to work towards a healthy and balanced state of mind.

Alternative therapies like inner child work, acupuncture, and yoga bring healing and balance. With more than ten different treatments to choose from, thousands of clients have found the right mix to help them overcome their anxiety, depression or PTSD. Traditional talk and group therapy brings clarity, support, and understanding of the process. As you identify the root of your anxiety or depression, your peers and therapy team will help you learn new and healthy ways to cope.

Together with our staff dietician and physical therapist we can help you heal the physical symptoms of your anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Nutrition and gentle exercise are essential for positive mental health and mindfulness.

Depression, anxiety, and PTSD don't have to be a part of your life. The staff at Legacy Freedom can help you learn new ways to cope. Thousands of clients have found their way to a better life with our holistic treatment plan. Will you be next? Call or click to connect with a therapist in Charlotte, NC that you can depend on!

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