How HIV Affects Mental Health

Psychologist in Charlotte, NCEach year on December 1st the World Health Organization honors those with HIV/AIDS during World AIDS Day.This day is all about coming together to celebrate the memory of those who have been lost and honor those who are bravely living with the disease. If you need a psychologist in Charlotte, NC to help you with HIV, call Legacy.

Most of the treatment recommendations that are made to people living with HIV/AIDS pertain to their physical health and well-being. However, the mental health of those who live with these diseases is often overlooked. Many types of mental health disorders exist in those with HIV/AIDS because of the additional worries and concerns they face on a regular basis.

From personality disorders to anxiety and depression, maintaining good mental health while living with HIV/AIDS can be extremely challenging. Knowing when to seek help for your mental health can be difficult. Here are some signs that can help you determine if you need to seek assistance with your mental health:

  • Your thoughts become suicidal, or you become preoccupied with death.
  • Feelings of constant sadness or emptiness.
  • Chronic anxiety or stress.
  • Avoiding social interactions or activities that you usually enjoy.

Talking with friends or loved ones about how you're feeling or the thoughts that you are having can be scary. If you're unsure how to have the conversation or need help having the conversation, talk with your healthcare provider, a trusted ally, or a member of the clergy. Many people find that having a neutral third party involved in the conversation helps them feel more relaxed and supported as they discuss their mental health needs.

If left unaddressed, many mental health conditions can lead to excessive use of drugs or alcohol. Mixing a dependence on drugs or alcohol with an existing health condition like HIV/AIDS can exacerbate the illness and cause severe harm. Seeking mental health treatment and learning to manage your mental health needs in positive ways is essential.

HIV Psychologist in Charlotte, NC

The staff at Legacy Freedom of Charlotte knows that asking for help with your mental health can be an awkward and uncomfortable conversation. Our team has decades of experience helping people work through their mental health issues and restoring the balance and well-being in their lives. Getting to the root of your depression, anxiety, stress, or other psychological health concerns allows us to use our proven holistic approach to treat your mental illness.

By combining one-on-one with our psychologist in Charlotte, NC along with alternative therapies, we have successfully given thousands of clients new ways to cope with and overcome their mental illness. Maintaining your physical health with the help of our staff dietician and physical therapist supports your mental focus and well-being. Caring for your mind, body, and spirit allows us to focus on the whole person, not just your mental health care needs at Legacy Freedom.

Alternative therapies like acupuncture, equine assisted therapy, and tai chi are intermixed with group therapy and individual therapy to create a healing experience unlike anything you have tried before. From peer support and acceptance in group therapy to opening up to long forgotten events and trauma through alternative therapies to learning new coping mechanisms and how to set healthy boundaries, our care team creates an approach to your mental health care that is uniquely designed for you.

Call or click to connect with our care team today and begin your healing journey to better mental health with Legacy Freedom!

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