High Doses of THC Actually Increases Anxiety and Stress

Drug Treatment in Greensboro NCMany people who smoke marijuana say they do so to relieve stress. Whether they smoke it in the morning before work or in the evening after a long day, this is one of the main reasons it's used. In addition, many people also choose to smoke marijuana to help them with anxiety issues.

Some research supports the fact that low doses of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that causes the high, can, in fact, reduce stress. However, not all research supports this. If you need alcohol or drug treatment in Greensboro NC, please get help by calling Legacy Freedom.

New research shows that higher doses of THC might actually increase stress and anxiety. In terms of slightly higher doses, this can mean smoking just enough marijuana to get a minor high. Unfortunately, because the use of cannabis is highly regulated, there are not many studies that have been published that go into further detail about what THC does and how it can affect stress and anxiety. There are also very few studies that dive into how different levels of THC can affect people in general.

According to worldhealth.net, "Associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Emma Childs, served as a corresponding author on the study. The study was made possible by grant DA02812 from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The results were published in the popular medical journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence. Childs and her fellow researchers recruited 42 healthy individuals between 18 and 40 years of age. Each of these study participants used cannabis in the past but were not habitual users."

Childs states that "The doses used in the study produce effects that are equivalent to only a few puffs of a cannabis cigarette. We didn't want to include a much larger dose, because we wanted to avoid potential adverse effects or cardiovascular effects that can result from higher doses of THC." She also stated that "Our findings provide some support for the common claim that cannabis is used to reduce stress and relieve tension and anxiety. At the same time, our finding that participants in the higher THC group reported small but significant increases in anxiety and negative mood throughout the test supports the idea that THC can also produce the opposite effect."

We hope this information helps you better understand the dangers of marijuana. It's easy to assume that, in small doses, it's harmless. However, there are no studies that show that is the case. The best way to stay healthy is to avoid using marijuana and other drugs. Health is an important part of our lives. Please do what it takes to make sure you and those you love understand why it's important to avoid smoking marijuana no matter how controversial the subject and its affects can be.

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