Halloween Sobriety Safety Tips

Alcohol Rehab Columbus OHHolidays and alcohol are two things that for some seem to just go together. We are about to kick off a long stream of holidays beginning in October with Halloween. Halloween is one of those holidays when those who are taking part are a little more daring, mischievous, and more fun is had. A Halloween party complete with costumes is one of those events where you can take on a different personality while being dressed up as someone or something you are not. Add to that spiked punch and drinks that are part of a game and a recovering alcoholic can get into trouble fast. If you're looking for alcohol rehab Columbus OH services this fall, Legacy Freedom can help. Call now.

The party atmosphere of Halloween brings a unique challenge to anyone who is in recovery. The way to have a really great time is by drinking right? If you are in alcohol recovery you have learned this is not a true statement. The following are some great tips to help you find lots of ways to have a good time during Halloween that do not come with a temptation for drinking alcohol.

One of the best ways to avoid drinking at a party is to become the designated driver for the rest of the crowd. Your friends will thank you and you will have a better chance at remaining sober. Recent statistics show that between 2007 and 2011 52% of all US fatalities on Halloween night involved a drunk driver.

It is important for a recovering addict to have a great network of sober people involved in his or her life. This provides a safer environment combined with better understanding during this recovery process. This network of people will be essential during all of the holidays. If you must attend a party where alcohol will be served take a fellow recovering addict or two with you. There really is strength in numbers.

If a party is something that you really associate with Halloween then host your own. This will allow you to have more control over what is happening. If alcohol temptations are a struggle have a fun-filled alcohol free party. As the person hosting the party or event you are in control of what is going on. This means less stress for you as a recovering alcoholic and much more fun for everyone.

Even better than a party is the absolute enjoyment of taking some little ones tick or treating. After all this is what Halloween is about. Children love the excitement of dressing up and going door to door throughout the neighborhood for treats. This is a lot more fun for children and for you than being at a party with others who are intoxicated.

These are only a few good tips for other things to do on Halloween to stay sober. Always plan ahead for any socializing and parties you may be attending on holidays. Keeping sobriety your number one priority is the most important thing for you to remember.

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