Halloween Crafts and Art Therapy for Recovering Addicts

Columbus OH drug rehabWhen you have been in recovery for a short period of time, any holiday will be harder than it used to be. Even a fun event such as Halloween can make you feel as if everyone else is having a great time drinking or getting high. The truth is that there is a lot of fun you can partake in when it comes to Halloween. This post will offer some great fun and easy Halloween arts and crafts ideas for you to do with friends. You will see that there is more to having fun on Halloween than abusing drugs or drinking. If you need Columbus OH drug rehab and alcohol treatment, call Legacy Freedom today. Let us help you beat your addiction problems.

One of the most fun and the easiest of all crafting at Halloween is carving a jack o' lantern or two. This is something anyone can do. With a little bit of skill and a whole lot of patience you can make your pumpkin into almost anything. Invite some friends over and have a little contest. You can judge the funniest, scariest, or most creative ones. Provide pumpkins, all colors of yarn, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, colored cotton balls, and anything else you can think of. Look for special carving knives that might also have instructions for creative pumpkin carving.

Another fun and crafty thing to do is to make a scarecrow to use for fall decorations. You will need old clothes, newspaper for stuffing, gloves, a good burlap bag or a Halloween mask for the face, and maybe other decorations. This is when your creativity can take control. Stuff the clothes with the newspaper. Add some straw or hay to stick out so that it looks like a scarecrow. Use the gloves to create the hands. Hot glue can help with attaching things securely. Make yours as unique as you are. Find a fun place to put your scarecrow such as by your front door and pose it.

Paper lanterns are another fun craft for Halloween. All you will need are round paper lanterns, black card stock, small black brads, scissors, a hole punch, hanging bulb style lamp fixture, and fabric (optional). Use your black card stock to cut out some spooky shapes like spiders or bats. Punch a hole in the shapes with your hole punch. Put the brad legs through your hole and attach your shape to the outside of the lantern. Insert the hanging bulb fixture. If you would like you can disguise the cord by sewing some fabric together to form a tube and slide it on.

If you are in a recovery program it does not mean that you can't enjoy holidays and fun events such as Halloween. What it actually means is that you can be present fully to enjoy the fun because you don't have that crutch of addiction any longer. You will be able to remember the fun of creating crafts and doing a bit of art. The important thing about holidays is spending time with the ones you love.

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