Why Group Therapy Helps Recovering Addicts

alcohol and drug treatment in Columbus OHWhen one is recovering from alcohol or drug addiction it is often helpful to be in group therapy. Many people are not sure about this since talking to a therapist or counselor is often hard enough. Talking about your issues with addiction might be hard to do among a small group of people. Often people think that there will not be enough time given to their individual problems and they are not sure they want to share personal information with strangers. For the best alcohol and drug treatment in Columbus OH, know that Legacy Freedom is number one. Call today.

Group therapy is when a counselor or therapist brings together a group of people who are all facing similar problems. In this case we are focusing on addiction issues. This group meets together in sessions. These group sessions are controlled and can be therapeutic for addicts. Here is a safe place to talk about the challenges or problems that they have in common with one another. The goal for this group therapy is for one to gain a better understanding of their addiction and the reason for it. The group is there to offer support and encouragement.

Addiction is a complicated condition that can, and will, alienate the addict from others. With the addiction comes personality changes, behavior changes, and changes to physical health. People with addiction problems certainly do not set out to become an addict. By the time they realize their dependency on a substance it is too late. This is when they will need help to overcome or recover from addiction.

There are many different treatment and recovery programs. Some will be for women, some faith based, others may be for specific recoveries. Individual counseling and group therapy are part of most programs. You will want to find the right recovery program for you. A program that includes group therapy can be very beneficial to you in your recovery. The best drug treatment in Columbus OH is at Legacy Freedom. Call now to learn more.

The fact of the matter is that group therapy can be a great tool to aid in the recovery process. Often this group becomes much like a group of friends that you become comfortable with. You also become comfortable discussing your alcohol or drug addiction with this group. Group therapy has been central to drug and alcohol recovery for many decades. There are many good reasons for participating in this kind of therapy. These reasons can include:

  • When you are involved in a group therapy setting you have others who are on your side in this journey. They have been there and understand where you are coming from.
  • One of the great things about being in a group is that someone might talk about a problem or issue they are dealing with in this safer environment versus doing so in the real world. You will also quickly learn that you are not alone in how you are feeling about your situation. Others in the group are sharing the same experience that you are.
  • When you work with a group it is a natural way to overcome a problem or addiction. Groups work together on problems. It is a safe environment that helps you grow and learn with others.

Group therapy not only addresses the alcohol or drug addiction it may include the following:

  1. Life coaching
  2. Art therapy
  3. Yoga therapy
  4. Relapse prevention
  5. Body image
  6. Nutrition groups
  7. Process groups
  8. Relationship skills
  9. Mood disorders
  10. Trauma

alcohol and drug treatment in Columbus OHAddiction is often a lonely disease. Once in the throes of the addiction and the life they are leading addicts will feel lonely and cut off from others. This will include their family and loved ones. It begins a cycle that keeps them isolated in their pain. Addiction has many different factors. These factors can include genetics, past traumas, family history, and environment. This simply means addiction is a fight. A fight to gain sobriety.

Group therapy has been found to be instrumental in helping addicts want to get over addiction. Sharing among others can really help individuals who are reluctant to try recovery. Listening to others who find themselves on the same journey can help. Often addicts will find the information they get from other peers to be more valuable and accurate. This is why a group is an important part of overall recovery. If you need Columbus drug treatment, please call Legacy.

One of the best things about group therapy is that a person finds that they really are not alone. They are stronger when part of a group of peers than when they go it alone. This is particularly helpful because the group may be able to sense when a relapse is imminent. They can be called on to help the individual through the difficult moments and head off a relapse. It is good to have multiple tools available to help you in your journey. Most addicts who are in recovery find group therapy is a better fit for them than individual one on one therapy. Many are more comfortable with their peers and find it easier to open up about their ongoing problems and struggles.

A big question is how to find a group therapy. Most outpatient and residential treatment centers have these groups available to you. Many 12 step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous also have groups you can participate in. Sometimes regular counselors intimidate or just do not engage some individuals. These 12 step programs are usually led by someone who has regained their sobriety and this can make one feel more comfortable. It is really important to get the help, hope, and support you need when beginning the steps to a sober journey. Look into all kinds of group and individual therapy that is available. Only you will be able to choose and commit to the one that is right for you.

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Addiction problems do not get easier to deal with over time. It's the type of problem that consumes your life before anyone realizes it's happening.  It's important to get help as soon as possible. Life without drug addiction possible. Whether it's you or someone you love, consider the help that can come from outpatient, customized therapy like the type that Legacy Freedom of Columbus offers. Call us today to learn more about our alcohol and drug treatment in Columbus OH.

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