Gender Identity/Gender Dysphoria Disorders

Mental Health Facilities in Raleigh, NCFeeling at home in your body is important. People want the physical manifestation of their being to match how they feel internally. For many people getting a tattoo, having cosmetic surgery or coloring their hair is enough for them to feel like themselves. However, when someone feels that they have been born the wrong gender the need to become who they feel they are on the inside can cause identity issues to manifest. When you need mental health facilities in Raleigh, NC, you can trust, call Legacy Freedom.

Whether expressed as a child, or later in life as an adult, gender dysphoria or the discrepancy between the assigned gender (gender they were born) and their experienced gender, can be extremely challenging to manage. Not only are there issues with gender identity to contend with but also co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression,  or substance abuse. Family members often feel helpless and struggle with their own emotions about their loved one's gender dysphoria. Understanding how you can help and what the symptoms of gender dysphoria are will make your loved one feel more understood and accepted.

Identifying gender dysphoria happens in different ways, depending on the person's age.

In children:

  • Dislike their physical anatomy (genitals)
  • Insistence that they are the opposite gender
  • Preference for the clothes, toys, games, and roles of the opposite sex
  • In females- preference for male clothing
  • In males - preference for female clothing or cross-dressing

In teens and adults:

  • Desire to achieve the appearance and physical characteristics of the other gender
  • Wish to be treated like the opposite sex
  • Strong desire to be the other gender and treated as such

While there is no known cause of gender dysphoria, many scientists believe that hormone influences in utero play a fundamental role in whether a person will have gender dysphoria. It is known that children begin to express their gender interests as young as the age of two. Most parents become aware of the condition between the ages of two and four and seek to have their child evaluated as they approach school age with no sign of the child's feeling of being the opposite sex changing. If the gender dysphoria occurs or is recognized later in life, the chances are that it is either a continuation of feelings had as a child or that the gender dysphoria evolved more gradually and may occur alongside transvestic fetishism.

As with any disorder, understanding and support from friends and loved ones is critical. At Legacy Freedom of Raleigh we understand that gender dysphoria brings unwanted side effects like anxiety, depression, and substance abuse issues. Our expert staff can help you identify and treat those underlying disorders so that you can focus on feeling complete in your identity. We believe our clients respond better to therapy when their family and loved ones are involved which is why our holistic approach to mental health includes both group therapy and one-on-one therapy sessions. Our holistic approach is centered on you, not your co-occurring disorders. We treat the whole person and involve physical therapists and dieticians in your care to ensure that you are learning new coping skills and are taking care of your body as well as your mind.

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