Fun Fall Fitness Tips for Recovering Addicts

Drug Rehabilitation in Columbus OHOne of the key components to a successful addiction recovery program is learning to take proper care of yourself. When you are abusing drugs or alcohol you tend to neglect your daily health. It is really important to repair the damage to your physical and psychological self. This damage comes from the chemical dependency and the neglect of health during the addiction. One of the best things for someone in recovery to do is to begin a good exercise program. There are many benefits that will come from such a program. For the best alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Columbus OH, call Legacy Freedom. Our outpatient treatment plans work.

When you exercise, stress is greatly relieved and reduced. While you are working, watching television, or just interacting with others tension builds up. This tension can come from many sources including poor posture. Exercise can help you get rid of the physical and the psychological stresses your body accumulates daily. Moving the body physically takes this tension away and helps you get rid of any negative emotions you are holding inside. To focus on exercise you use both emotional and physical energy. This will help you avoid escaping into an unhealthy way of relieving your stress.

Exercise can also alter your brain chemistry in a positive and natural way. Endorphins released in exercise naturally produce a high. Yes, these are the exact same endorphins that the body releases when you abuse substances. The difference is that the abuse of drugs and alcohol will cause imbalances that keep you from feeling happiness, pleasure, and satisfaction. Having a regular exercise routine during the recovery process will reintroduce your body to natural levels of endorphins in your system. You will feel better and this can help your body relearn that it can regulate brain chemistry and overall mood in a much healthier and more natural way.

When you exercise it is known as meditation in motion. This means when you are concentrating on the physical you get the added benefit of psychological and emotional meditation. Your movements help you refocus your thoughts on your well being and help you to focus less on all the things you have going on in your life. This helps you to have a clearer mind and rejuvenates you making you much more optimistic about life in general. This clarity will help make recovery much more manageable. If you need alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Columbus OH, call Legacy.

Having a routine exercise program gives you improved self confidence and can reduce depression and anxiety. Your body is regulating and recalibrating itself while you exercise. The added benefit is that your feelings of pride and accomplishment as you see your body getting healthier and your goals are reached help you with your recovery efforts. Each goal you attain reinforces your ultimate goal of sobriety.

There are many ways to enjoy a good, healthy exercise routine. This is a great time of the year to get outdoors and enjoy fall's cooler temperatures. The beauty of the changing leaves is also a great incentive to get out. Spend some time researching various parks or hiking trails in your area. If you bike for exercise there are some great trails to enjoy that as well. If you have a gym membership consider freezing it during the next few months. This will allow you to enjoy the outdoors. Once the weather gets too cold for outdoor exercise you can simply reinstate your membership. Most gyms will allow this perk. Did you know Legacy offers affordable Columbus OH drug rehabilitation? Call now to learn more.

This is also a great time to take the kids to a pumpkin patch, apple festival, or just for a fun ride to look at nature as it turns gorgeous colors. All of these activities will burn calories. Take advantage of all the fall produce as well. Apples, figs, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and all kinds of winter squash will make for much healthier eating. As an added bonus, because they are in season they will be cheaper. Look at your local farmers' market for the best buys.

alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Columbus OHAs the weather tends to change quickly this time of year make sure to dress properly. Before heading out to exercise layer your attire. Always wear moisture-wicking exercise clothes. These will breath and keep you warmer as your body begins to warm up during exercise. Most of your body heat is lost through your head so make sure to wear a hat of some kind to keep as much heat in as possible. Add some hand weights or resistance bands to your routine to get even better results.

Fall is also a good time to sign up for an activity you have always been interested in or wanted to try. Think dance class, karate, boxing, fencing, or some other activity. This is the time of year many new classes are forming so check them out. Yoga is also a great exercise practice. It can be done indoors or outdoors. It combines physical activity with mindful meditation. This is a great stress relieving exercise. If you have addiction problems, get quality alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Columbus OH with Legacy Freedom.

Just getting outdoors preparing your yard for the coming winter provides great exercise. Leaf raking burns lots of calories. Vigorous raking can burn 100 calories per half hour. That's incentive enough to get moving. Also bagging the leaves will burn even more. Mowing the lawn one last time, planting a winter garden, clearing out the flower beds, and mulching the entire yard can also burn lots of calories and expend energy. Before long hanging Christmas lights and decorating for the holidays will give you even more reason to take the physical activities out of doors.

When family and friends are over for Thanksgiving or a visit organize a tag football game. This is a great outdoor physical activity that the entire family can enjoy. You will be guaranteed to break a sweat running, catching, and throwing touchdown passes. Even the kids can get in on the fun.

If you have an injury or any type of foot, knee, or leg problem always consult your doctor before exercise. A brace or some other type of aid can help you stay as active as possible. Stretches and orthotic aids can help you exercise and prevent injury. This can help you stay in a good exercise routine.

Regular exercise will go a long way toward giving you greater energy, improving your sleep, and giving you enhanced feelings of well being. These will all help your recovery and continued sobriety.

Dependable Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation in Columbus OH

Legacy Freedom is the best choice in the Columbus Ohio area for the treatment of substance and addiction abuse. We offer an opportunity for individuals and their families to recover from drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and substance abuse. Legacy Freedom is one of the only holistic substance abuse treatment centers for drug rehabilitation in Columbus OH. Call or click today to begin your journey to a new you!

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