Four Paws for Mental Health, continued

Columbus Mental Health ServicesAs we continue to look at the vital role that pets play in our mental health, we turn our attention to the role that pets play in our lives when we lack support from our friends and family. In our previous post, we examined the way that crickets, rabbits, guinea pigs, and horses can help a variety of mental health issues like PTSD and autism. Psychologists at Saint Louis University and Miami University found that people who own pets fared better in overall well-being and individual differences than those who did not own pets. Legacy Freedom offers the best alternative Columbus mental health services. Call now to learn more.

The study found that graduate students who owned pets were able to respond to rejection better than those who did not. Pets benefit the lives of their owners in a variety of psychological ways. They become a source of social support for their owners and provide many positive benefits for their owners. Pet owners reported feeling more confident, having a more meaningful existence, and feeling like they belonged.

Owning a dog has been linked to reduced stress, anxiety, loneliness, and depression. Specific benefits of owning a dog include:

  • Elevated levels of dopamine and serotonin. These two powerful brain chemicals help your body relax.
  • Reduced blood pressure during stressful situations.
  • Less likely to suffer from depression.
  • More likely to survive a heart attack and live longer with a chronic illness.
  • Have lower cholesterol.
  • Visit their primary care physician less.

Basic human needs like the need for love and touch can also be fulfilled by having a pet in your life. Having a dog or other pet can help you adopt healthy lifestyle changes that will impact your mental health. Increasing exercise helps reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. While you're out on a walk with your dog, you meet new people which helps you overcome loneliness and social anxiety. Adding structure and routine to your day can help those with bipolar disorder feel calmer and focused. While the comfort your dog provides eases anxiety and symptoms of PTSD, they can also provide feelings of safety and security.

Affordable Outpatient Columbus Mental Health Services for 2018

Still struggling with feelings of depression, anxiety, or PTSD? Legacy Freedom offers you a way to overcome those mental health challenges in a holistic way. With treatment that is focused on you and not your mental illness, you will learn new ways to cope with the thoughts and feelings that are leaving you feeling anxious, scared, sad, and confused. Together with our team, you will use traditional talk therapy and alternative therapies to create a plan of care that is centered on your specific needs. Getting to the root of your mental health issues and knowing what triggers your negative thoughts and feelings is crucial.

Don't let your mental health suffer for one more minute. Call today and connect with the expert staff at Legacy Freedom Columbus! Confidential and compassionate mental health care is waiting for you. Spring into action and better mental health with a new approach to Columbus mental health services!

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