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PTSD treatment in Columbus, OHWhen you call 911 in an emergency, the brave men and women who respond to your call for help become your heroes. However, for many firefighters the situations they respond to every day change their lives just as much as the lives of the people they are helping. Forced to suppress their emotions as they work through life and death situations, these first responders are left with the emotional fragments of the incidents that they respond to. The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) conducted a survey of more than 7,000 firefighters from across North America. The results of the study revealed that some of our bravest and best struggle the most. Don't let PTSD hold you back! Contact Legacy today. Ask about our outpatient PTSD treatment in Columbus, OH.

Once the responses had been collected, more than 27% of the respondents indicated they had struggled with substance abuse issues. Relationship and family problems plagued 59%, while 65% are haunted by the impact of severe calls. Nineteen percent have contemplated suicide. The IAFF says that these findings indicate a critical need for mental health care among firefighters. Unfortunately, in the firefighter community, there is a stigma attached to seeking mental health help or admitting that they are struggling with the aftermath of the traumatic events they respond to. In fact, 81% of the survey responses indicated that the firefighters feared they would be seen as unfit for duty or viewed as weak if they asked for help.

How do you know if a loved one is struggling with PTSD from their job as a firefighter? Identifying the symptoms of PTSD can be difficult for a spouse or partner who is used to seeing their firefighter come home exhausted and worn out. Here are some of the most telling signs that indicate your loved one is struggling with their mental health.

'Whatever' Is Their Favorite Word
When your spouse or partner is asked a question, do they avoid making a decision? Does your loved one no longer take responsibility for their actions? Are you struggling to manage around the house and feel like you have to nag them to get anything done? These are signs of depression. If not treated, this can become serious. Encourage your firefighter to seek help.

Changes in Sexual Patterns
If your partner has gone from hot to cold, or cold to red hot in the bedroom, PTSD may be to blame. A co-worker may suddenly become irresistible, while you are dull and unexciting. Sexual desire can be a significant indicator for PTSD.

Ability to Handle Daily Stress
When your firefighter has the day off, how do they deal with the stress of everyday life? If you find that they are easily overwhelmed and prone to losing their temper, storming out, or on the verge of tears, PTSD may be the culprit. Those with post-traumatic stress disorder often feel like they have only so much stress they can handle before they break.

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PTSD Treatment in Columbus, OH for Firefighters

Do these behavior patterns sound familiar? If so, Legacy Freedom Columbus can help. Thousands of men and women have found ways to manage their depression, PTSD, anxiety, and stress through our holistic approach to mental health care. By combining alternative therapies and traditional talk therapy, we help our clients get to the root of their mental health concerns and learn new ways to overcome their feelings and experiences. With more than ten alternative treatments available, there is sure to be something to pique your interest and help you work through your mental health concerns.

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