More on Firefighters and Columbus, OH PTSD Therapy

Columbus, OH PTSD therapyWelcome back to our continuing series on firefighters and PTSD. In our previous post, we examined the startling mental health statistics revealed by a study conducted by the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF). Thousands of firefighters responded to the survey and admitted to struggles with addiction, suicide, marital problems, and flashbacks. Firefighters also described symptoms that align with PTSD. Searching for reliable Columbus, OH PTSD therapy that works? Let the folks at Legacy help you get through it. Call us today.

Risk Factors

Many risk factors make a firefighter more likely to develop PTSD, like:

  • Previous mental health issues
  • Currently being treated for another mental health disorder
  • In a supervisory position
  • Early start to fire service career
  • Proximity to death or traumatic events
  • Being unmarried

Symptoms of PTSD present differently for each person. However, these symptoms can make performing tasks as a firefighter difficult. These symptoms also have a profound impact on your everyday life.

Those with PTSD may experience:

A negative change in feelings and beliefs. Due to trauma, the way you think about yourself and others can be impacted. You may find yourself feeling like you are unable to trust anyone and that the world is a dangerous place. Staying away from relationships and being unable to develop loving feelings towards other people is common.

Avoiding triggers that remind you of the traumatic event is part of PTSD. Situations, people, and talking about the event can trigger intense feelings.

Flashbacks and memories of the event may cause you to feel the same horror and fear that you felt during the initial event. Seeing, smelling, or hearing something can cause you to relieve the event.

Being constantly on the lookout for danger and feeling jittery is commonly known as hyperarousal. Experiencing hyperarousal may make you suddenly angry or irritable. It may be difficult for you to sleep, loud noises may bother you, and you may have trouble concentrating.

Columbus, OH PTSD Therapy for Firefighters

If you, or someone you love, are struggling with symptoms of PTSD, Legacy Freedom can help. By combining traditional talk therapy and alternative Columbus, OH PTSD therapy, our holistic approach to mental health care has helped thousands learn to cope with their PTSD. You don't have to let your fears and anxieties isolate you from the life you love and people you care about. Through one-on-one talk therapy with your therapist, you will uncover the root of your PTSD and develop ways to cope with these feelings. Group therapy connects you with your peers and involves your family in your treatment process, surrounding you with compassion, understanding, and support.

PTSD is an entirely treatable condition. Legacy Freedom's staff is waiting to help you overcome flashbacks and triggers. We know how difficult it is to ask for help or admit that you are struggling. Treating your PTSD allows you to focus on being a partner, parent, firefighter, son or daughter. Stop letting your mental health get in the way of living your life. Connect with Legacy Freedom Columbus today and begin your healing journey.

Confidential and compassionate care is waiting for you. What are you waiting for?


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