Escaping Your Chronic Relapsing

Alcohol Rehab Raleigh NCIn our continued look at chronic relapsing, we turn our focus from why addicts relapse to how to break the cycle of relapsing behavior. Many addicts feel helpless and powerless over their addiction because of repeated relapses. As we discussed in our previous posts, understanding why you are relapsing and what situations are causing these regressions is crucial. Acknowledging the cycle of behavior and being able to identify the root of your addiction helps ensure that you can avoid the actions, people, places, and situations that trigger these relapses. Chronic relapsing doesn't have to define you. Beginning treatment with the fear of finding and then losing your sobriety is not conducive to long term success. Focusing on past failures makes it seem as though you have permitted yourself to relapse or that there is no reason to try to maintain sobriety because it will just end in another relapse. Changing the way you think about obtaining and maintaining your sobriety has the power to break the repetitive cycle you find yourself in. If you need quality drug and alcohol rehab Raleigh NC services, call Legacy Freedom before it's too late.

In order to see a change in your behavior pattern, you cannot approach your sobriety in the same way that you have before. Following the same steps over and over and ending with the same failed result is only going to leave you feeling discouraged and broken. To achieve a different result, you must approach your recovery differently. For some people, this may mean relocating to a new area away from old influences. For others, it may require trying a different treatment method. Going it alone or working a 12 step program doesn't work for everyone. Some people find that they lack the self-discipline to work steps by themselves and that they need someone to help hold them accountable for their actions. Dissecting your previous relapses can help you identify where things went awry. While this is not a process that many enjoy, it is crucial to be real and authentic with yourself about your past recovery efforts.

Many addicts find that they are ambivalent about their recovery and their relapsing cycles. Believing that their life will be better without the involvement of alcohol or drugs may motivate them to seek treatment. However, the relief they feel when they use may keep them from being able to be fully present in their recovery. Facing two distinctly different desires can cause many addicts to succumb to their norm of drug or alcohol use. Delving into the motivation behind your recovery attempts can help you understand why you may have failed previously to stay sober. Were you in recovery for yourself or did you feel pressured to be there by your spouse, family, or employer? If you sought rehabilitation for your addiction because you were forced into it the chances are you held resentful feelings towards the entire process. Completing rehab was for someone else, not you. Maybe you are still struggling to admit that you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Whatever the case may be, approaching recovery with an ambivalent attitude about the outcome does not lend itself to long lasting sobriety.

Ultimately, you must choose to follow the path to sobriety and maintain it for yourself. Becoming self-aware and relying on a consistent routine as well as preserving goal focus can help you stay sober and live a healthier lifestyle. Creating and adhering to a schedule is essential during the first year of recovery. Making a plan for how you will manage your sobriety once you have completed a treatment program is vital to the success of your sobriety. Avoiding the people, places, and situations that have influenced your decision to begin using again is imperative. Acknowledging uncomfortable emotions like depression, anxiety, or anger and being willing to work through those feelings during the recovery process is also critical. These challenging emotions often trigger relapses and can build into something unmanageable very quickly for a recovering addict.

If you'd like to learn how you can help someone who has a relapse issue, click here.

Alcohol Rehab Raleigh NCAt Legacy Freedom of Raleigh, we know how discouraging it is to struggle with relapsing. We have helped thousands of clients overcome their addictions through our holistic approach to substance abuse. For those who need help breaking the hold of opioids in their life, Legacy is proud to offer Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) featuring suboxone in conjunction with our exceptional therapeutic program.

By combining traditional talk therapy, group therapy, and alternative treatments, our approach to substance abuse treatment is unlike any other treatment program you have experienced. We assign you a Life-Purpose coach to help you reignite your passions and reclaim the joy that addiction has stolen from your life. Through one-on-one therapy, you will uncover the root of your addictive behaviors. Whether you use drugs to bury painful memories, overcome low self-esteem or to self-medicate for an undiagnosed mental health condition, your therapist will help you identify and learn to cope with the underlying cause without using drugs or alcohol.

Group therapy provides you a chance to connect with and find support from your peers. Surrounding yourself with people who understand the struggles you face as you work to get sober can help you feel motivated towards maintaining your sobriety and breaking the cycle of relapse.

Alternative treatments are a large part of our substance addiction treatment program at Legacy Freedom. We utilize and offer more than ten different alternative therapies for our clients to choose from. Your care team will help you find the right combination of treatments for your interests and therapy needs. Whether you select yoga, tai chi, EMDR therapy, or inner child work, let our team of expert clinicians teach you new ways to confront and overcome the underlying causes of your substance addiction.

Chronic relapsing and addiction don't have to be a part of your life. Let the addiction experts at Legacy Freedom help you break the cycle of addiction and relapse. Every inquiry is entirely confidential. Call or click to connect with our care team and begin your journey towards sobriety with drug and alcohol rehab Raleigh NC services you can trust.

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