More on the Effects of Anxiety in the Workplace

psychologist in Columbus, OHWelcome back to our continuing series on anxiety in the workplace. In our previous post we highlighted the damaging effects that anxiety could have on your work and the situations that cause anxiety in the workplace. In this post we will continue to examine the causes for anxious feelings in the workplace and the ways that our psychologist in Columbus, OH at Legacy Freedom can help.

Researchers have identified 20 different triggers in the workplace that provoke anxiety. These are some of the situations that make workers feel most anxious:

Remembering names of coworkers or clients. Whether you are blanking on the name of the new guy in accounting or you were distracted by your own thoughts when you met the new client, failing to recall someone's name can spark anxiety in anyone.

Going to the bathroom at work. If you find yourself unable to use the bathroom while you are at work, you're not alone. Many people become self-conscious and experience intense anxiety in public restrooms.

Presenting for coworkers or clients. Studies show that approximately 20 percent of the population experiences anxiety when it comes to public speaking. Working through the fear of presenting is essential if it's part of your job description.

Staying on top of technology.  It's no secret that technology moves faster than ever before. Many workers fear that they will be unable to keep up and that it will have a negative impact on the way their boss and coworkers view them.

Failing to give feedback. Employees and coworkers value feedback. However, worrying about saying the wrong thing or saying something that is taken out of context provokes an intense fear in many people.

Seeing your boss away from work. Running into your boss in public after hours or unexpectedly during your lunch can create a sense of worry and self-doubt. Everyone, even your boss, has other interests away from the office. Letting this run-in ruin your day or cause you to over analyze things only feeds your anxiety.

One-on-one meetings with your boss. Fearing your boss is displeased with your performance or that meeting with a superior means that you'll be fired are the two most common anxieties when the boss asks to meet.

Webcam meetings or calls. The webcam can makes you feel like you are on the spot and put your focus on your physical insecurities.

Forgetting to complete a task. Missing an important email or forgetting a project deadline or meeting can all cause panic. Everyone is juggling so much these days that little slips happen. Worrying about them after the fact only makes you more likely to let it happen again.

Dressing inappropriately or a wardrobe malfunction. When getting dressed for work in the morning we all try to choose the best outfit for our daily commitments. Now and then we miss the mark. People are unlikely to remember what you are wearing but when you show up in a suit on casual Friday or have a noticeable spot on your shirt in a meeting, it can be difficult to feel confident.

A Psychologist in Columbus, OH You Can Depend On

Legacy Freedom of Columbus understands the anxieties that busy professionals face each day at the office. Our holistic approach to mental health allows us to combine traditional talk therapy with alternative therapies like yoga, acupuncture and tai chi to cope with and overcome your anxiety.

Don't let your anxiety derail your career. Call or click to connect with a psychologist in Columbus, OH that cares about your needs and health.


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