What Is a Drug Mule?

Drug Rehab in Asheville NCA drug mule is someone who smuggles drugs into another country. Many times, these people are employed by drug lords looking to get their drugs across borders without being caught by law enforcement. Drug mules work to get drugs across borders in many different ways. Unfortunately, being a mule is not only illegal, but it’s also unsafe for those who carry the drugs to other countries. Let's take a closer look! If someone you care about needs addiction help. Call Legacy! Ask about our outpatient drug rehab in Asheville NC.

Mules typically carry drugs by ingesting them. Drugs are hidden in balloons or other types of thin latex packaging and then swallowed. If the packages were to burst, the drugs would harm the mules. In some cases, death occurs.

According to health24.com, “Drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, are often placed in condoms and are then swallowed by a drug mule in order to evade detection by customs officials. An average drug mule can swallow between 80 – 125 of these pellets. These would contain a total of 800g – 1,25kg. Apart from imprisonment, the biggest danger to a drug mule is the possibility of the rupturing of one of these pellets. Stomach acids can sometimes cause this. Death is usually very quick, as the quantity of drugs ingested is so high. Heart failure and breathing problems are usually the cause of death. Drug mules often take medication to inhibit bowel movements during the flight. Sometimes they are also given tablets to reduce acid production in the stomach. Once on the other side, they are given laxatives and the pellets pass through their digestive systems.”

Drug Mule Facts

  • Though drug lords make 100 times more on drugs that are smuggled, the mules only make $3000 or less per trip.
  • Mules usually carry drugs strapped to their bodies, have little to no luggage and aren’t typically dressed for the weather. They wear more clothes than necessary to hide the drugs. In addition, they tell customs they’re carrying parcels or gifts for other people.
  • Most of the time drug mules are between the ages of 20 and 30. Sometimes, older adults aged 70 and older become mules.
  • It’s typical for male drug mules to outnumber women drug mules. However, more and more women are becoming mules. Why? Drug lords consider women to be expendable as they’re from poor towns and cities.
  • In airports and other public transportation areas, mules are usually found by drug dogs who sniff out their drugs.
  • Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam all consider drug mules to be a capital offense.
  • 145 drug mules were caught in 2002-2003 at JFK airport in New York, 107 were males and 38 were females.

Unfortunately, drug mules are more common than you may think. This dangerous and sometimes fatal job is typically taken by someone who is in desperate need of money or food. In developing countries, drug trafficking is all around them. They turn to drug lords to make a living and hopefully provide for their family. It might be hard to believe, but this type of job is common in other countries. For the best drug rehab in Asheville NC, call Legacy Freedom.

This and many more of our news articles are here to help you get a better idea of how bad the drug problems are in our country. Bringing awareness through this type of news as well as offering drug bust news in local areas is just one of the ways we can spread the word and help others who need it.

Sometimes, taking a look at other peoples' mistakes can help you gain awareness about why substance abuse is bad for you and also help you gain more knowledge so that you can help others understand this, as well.

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